Luxury Portable Restrooms: Catering To An Upscale Clientele

Luxury Portable Restrooms: Catering To An Upscale Clientele
June 8, 2018 SDC Development 2
Luxury Portable Restrooms: Catering To An Upscale Clientele

With the economy reaching all-time highs, the rental demand for portable luxury restrooms is often greater than supply on hand. Customers are no longer pleasantly surprised, but expect the features that make a portable restroom a luxury experience. These include porcelain flushing toilets, solid stylish counters, beveled mirrors, quality finishes, air conditioning and heat. Rented luxury portable restrooms and restroom trailers aren’t only for weddings anymore and they aren’t just restrooms. Now corporate and sporting tournaments, large backyard parties and other gatherings all need and expect, a portable restroom as nice or nicer than many people have in their own homes. How do you exceed customer expectations and rise above the competition? Here are a few worthy tips:


Give the Guests a Moment of Peace

Stepping out of a crowded event and into the calm of a stylish, roomy and clean restroom provides a moment of calm for your guests. They like to tidy up while having their privacy so make sure your mirrors are large enough to give a good view of a person’s wardrobe. Choose colors and materials that are soothing to the senses, easy to keep clean and of contemporary design. Remember, you sell quality and quality is heard, seen, and felt. Be sure your restrooms are quiet with no loud generators nearby. Quality materials are seen and felt. The feel of a turning a faucet on is as important as the plating of its finish. Your customers will appreciate the moment of calm that you provide!


Provide a Pleasing Design

Contemporary design comes in many flavors. You may want to have different styles for your customers to choose from. Some of your customers may prefer the country chic of shiplap wood while others appreciate the sleek style of fiberglass and aluminum trim. In any luxury portable restroom, there should be a sense of quality. This sense of quality comes from the materials chosen and the construction certainly, but also from the design. When choosing a luxury restroom for your fleet, regardless of design style, step inside, shut the door and look closely at corners. Gaps should be non-existent or smoothly filled. Your customers may not look as closely, but they will sense the quality and know that yes, someone brought a darned nice restroom to their event. By offering a range of décor options you will be able to please more customers.



Modern luxury portable restrooms are defined by their standard functionalities. From your customers’ viewpoint, flushing toilets, running water sinks, interior lighting, air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter are must-haves. Other nice touches are a hook for wardrobe hangers, a large beveled mirror, soap and paper dispensers, and trash receptacles. Your customers may not know what to ask for, but give them more than they expected and they will refer you to their friends and call you back for their next event.


Cleanliness & Availability

Keeping high-end portable restrooms clean is vital to your client’s satisfaction. Consider having an on-site attendant for your special events. This person is there to replace paper supplies, wipe down counters, and handle any unexpected needs that might come up. Well dressed, respectful and cheerful, they are the face of your company. Also ensure you are correctly accounting for the number of guests and time on site when calculating restroom usage. A full waste tank leads to a locked door which is not a customer pleasing situation.


Here is a chart for calculating the number of restrooms required for most events:

Number of VIP Units Needed Calculator



While keeping restrooms well maintained on the day of the event is important to your customer, keeping your investment in good condition over time is a key to financial success. Some finishes may look good on the first rental, but you want to make sure they will look good on the 100th. Real wood may look great in the beginning, but quickly will get damaged and show wear. Look for units with wood alternatives like high-density vinyl planks that will stay nice longer.

All units get damaged from time to time. When purchasing a luxury restroom or restroom trailer, choose a manufacturer that has a complete range of replacement parts easily available. When something needs to be replaced, do so before the next rental. Fixing a ding in a mirror or scratch on a faucet is less expensive than losing the next booking. Keep your equipment in as new condition and your customers will always remark that you brought new equipment, no matter its age in your fleet.


Go the Extra Mile

Your clients chose to pay more for a luxury restroom because they wanted to provide an elegant experience for their guests. They expect a clean restroom and great customer service, but taking it one step further will make them clients for life. Think of the restroom as a room in your home and accessorize it with style. Go the extra mile by adding pictures, flowers, LED candles and toiletries that match the décor and event. If the event has a florist involved, ask them to prepare suitable small arrangements and consider that part of your own cost and excellent service. You are remembered not for the restroom you provided, but for the expectations you surpassed.


Say “Thank You!”

You will say “Thank you” many times in the course of booking your luxury restroom trailer but none are more important than the follow up, a few days or longer after the event. Take the extra step that isn’t expected and say “Thank you” one more time. A handwritten note of thanks along with a small tasteful gift will remind them of the service you provided and place you, once more, at the top of their list for the next event.


NuConcepts has a wide range of luxury units to choose from, and financing options are available. Check out the Majestic, VIP, and Prestige.