Mom-Approved Sanitation with Luxury Portable Restrooms

Mom-Approved Sanitation with Luxury Portable Restrooms
April 20, 2023 NuConcepts

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to stop and say “thanks” to all the moms out there for everything they’ve given and all that they’ve taught us. One universal lesson every mom has tried to impart is the importance of maintaining good hygiene and (as usual) they were right. Maintaining proper hygiene goes a long way to keeping people healthy and reducing the spread of germs. This includes ensuring that spaces are clean and hands are washed. Thanks to state-of-the-art sanitation features that go just about anywhere, owners of luxury portable restrooms make keeping Mom happy a lot easier.

Sanitary Spaces

If you ask a mom she’ll likely tell you that one of the best things about luxury portable restrooms is how much more sanitary they are than their old fashioned port-o-potty counterparts. The ability to easily wipe down and disinfect their hard surfaces helps protect users from germs and bacteria that cause illness. Luxury portables from NuConcepts are all made with easy-to-clean, quality materials that help promote good hygiene. Keep Mom’s whole family happy and healthy with the purchase of a model like the Prestige. A 40% roomier interior makes this a great choice for venues catering to parents with young children. When accommodating even larger events, opt for the Diplomat by NuConcepts, which offers increased storage and waste tank capacity capable of handling up to 170 average uses. Both of these spacious models are a great way to help keep all Mom’s kids as healthy as possible!

Hygiene Mom Will Love

From work spaces to parties and public events, maintaining good hygiene means a better shot at staying healthy. Standard features like flushing toilets and running water in luxury portables go a long way in the fight the spread of germs. Purchase a model like the VIP by NuConcepts for public spaces or outdoor events that require a tough exterior built to stand up to the elements. Do something nice for the moms in the crowd by supplying them handwashing stations like the NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable Sinks. These low-maintenance, high-quality sinks come in three tank size options, making them the perfect for any event!

Sanitation with Style

What does Mom love more than knowing things are clean? How about having those same sanitation standards all wrapped up in style? To help throw a Mother’s Day party she won’t soon forget, suggest a Majestic by NuConcept. This top tier model features arched doorways, elegant curved counter tops, brushed aluminum ceilings, a beveled glass mirror, and plank flooring that take hygiene to a whole new level. The Majestic promises to wow even the hardest to impress moms by combining top-of-the-line clean with exquisite style.

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

If you’re looking for a way to make Mom proud this year, consider purchasing a luxury portable restroom. These modern, sanitary stations are a great comfort for her and a great investment for you! Contact a team member at NuConcepts to learn more.