Restroom Trailers

Restroom Trailers

Arrive in style and set up with ease.

All of our portable restroom trailers are designed with two people in mind, the owner and their customer. For you, the owner, we build a portable restroom that is easy to set up, easy to keep clean, and easy to keep for a long time. For your customers we designed a portable restroom that is instantly recognized as not just another portapotty, but seen as a quality portable restroom that is entirely acceptable or even a pleasure to use.

The Majestic Restroom Trailer

Our Most Modern & Ultimate Shared Tanks Portable. For complete specifications & information

2 Unit Restroom   4 Unit Restroom

VIP Restroom Trailer

The upgraded workhorse of the industry. For complete specifications & information

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Prestige Restroom Trailer

40% more interior space & stylish upgrades. For complete specifications & information

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Diplomat Restroom Trailer

Largest Single Unit we build. The Diplomat has larger holding tanks with more average uses and with toilet placement options. For complete specifications and information

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Financing Available

Don’t wait! You can finance your new luxury restroom!

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Some of our models are also available in skid mounted configurations

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