Managing Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals

Managing Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals
May 14, 2019 NuConcepts
Managing Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals

Whether you’re just getting into the portable sanitation business or you are a veteran company looking to upgrade your current equipment, luxury portable restrooms will give your company a competitive edge in the modern market. With benefits such as a higher profit margin, increased ease of maintenance, and a high-end client expansion, it’s no wonder luxury portable restrooms are recognized as one of the smartest investments a portable sanitation business can make when expanding their fleet.


Increased Profit Margin

We’ve all heard the saying, it takes money to make money. When it comes to increasing your company’s profits, investing in valuable equipment like luxury portable restrooms means greater return on your rentals. With high-end portable restrooms popping up at events everywhere, competitive companies understand that in order to stay relevant in today’s changing market they need to meet the expanding needs of their customers. High-end products like NuConcepts’ restroom trailers are invaluable investments. With aluminum structural elements, weather-proof flooring, and heavy duty sinks and toilets, NuConcepts promises that your investment will continue to pay off for years to come.


Ease Of Maintenance

Another reason that portable sanitation companies are flocking to invest in luxury porta potties is how easy this new technology is to maintain. NuConcepts luxury portables come standard with high capacity, easy to clean tanks, high-quality materials like Formica countertops for effortless clean-up, and solar power capabilities for lower cost usage. Check out the NuConcepts Diplomat model which features a 90-gallon waste tank and 55-gallon freshwater tank to accommodate approximately 170 uses. This means that when your company invests in a luxury portable restroom or trailer you are gaining a high-end rental that serves more people while costing you less time and money to care for.


Upscale Clientele

No business can grow without expanding their customer base and with new, luxury portable restrooms for sale, portable sanitation rental companies are finally getting an opportunity to do just that. Flushable portable bathrooms that bring all the quality and comfort of an indoor restroom to lavish events such as weddings, galas, and company retreats, appeal to higher-end clients and open up a niche market previously untapped in the field of portable sanitation. Models such as the NuConcepts Majestic Restroom Trailer, with porcelain toilet, custom one-piece curved cast beveled counter/sink, and plank flooring, have redefined the portable restroom industry, making a name for themselves as a must-have at all the best parties. Whether you are managing a small inventory or a large fleet, investing in luxury portables allows your company to cater to a higher caliber crowd.


NuConcepts Portables

Modern luxury portable restrooms are quickly revolutionizing the portable sanitation industry. Contact one of our friendly NuConcepts customer service reps today to get more information on how your company can benefit from the value our luxury portables bring.