Construction of Your Luxury Portable Restroom

Construction of Your Luxury Portable Restroom
March 28, 2019 NuConcepts
Construction of Your Luxury Portable Restroom

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a NuConcepts luxury portable restroom is the confidence that comes from knowing you are getting a quality-made product. With superior construction that uses high caliber materials and includes features such as wood-alternative flooring and easy access maintenance panels, each NuConcepts model showcases real pride in workmanship and is an investment that is built to last.


Wood-Free Floor Construction

Restroom floors take a pretty hard beating from wet-weather foot traffic, sink overspray, and pressure washing. Some manufacturers use wood in their flooring, but this is a recipe for disaster. If the base of your restroom is made of wood with vinyl flooring atop, water and moisture will rot out the base of your unit, causing expensive repairs! To combat this, NuConcepts uses a 100% wood-free floor construction. The NuConcepts Majestic 2-Restroom Trailer, for example, offers linoleum-planked composite floors to ensure flooring does not wear out over time while still offering a high-end look that is sure to impress. By using tough, water-resistant materials that are also easy on the eyes, NuConcepts’ luxury portable restrooms go beyond the basics to create a product that is both beautiful and long-lasting. With details like these, there is no doubt guests will be wowed for years to come.


High-Quality Materials

Here at NuConcepts, we understand the importance of quality. To ensure that our clients get a beautiful product that lasts, we use durable, long-lasting materials to create our vinyl floors, fiberglass walls, single cast countertops, and brushed aluminum ceilings. Not to be outdone by the highly fashionable interiors, each NuConcept exterior offers proprietary aluminum structural elements, strong fiberglass doors and “lifetime” roof – all designed to provide protection from outdoor elements while maintaining a sleek, modern appearance. Perhaps you are interested in the NuConcepts VIP model, nicknamed the “workhorse” of the industry? With materials that are easy to clean and made to stand up to long term wear and tear, you can rest easy knowing your luxury portable restroom will keep working for you.


Easy to Maintain Design

In order to keep any portable restroom up and running as long as possible, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance. With this in mind, designers at NuConcepts have created large, lockable panels and service ports on all of our luxury portable restrooms. To make maintenance even easier, all NuConcepts service panels come complete with color-coded wiring and access doors that are logically placed so caring for your product has never been easier. With a large waste tank capacity and servicing made simple, you will find that we have worked hard to build our beautiful, low maintenance designs with you in mind.



At Nuconcepts, we’ve proudly created top quality products that outperform and out-style our competition. From design through completion, each model is built to provide the highest standard of both style and function. To get more information on how you can own a NuConcepts model, call one of our friendly team members today!