All of our products are hand crafted by seasoned professionals who take pride in every step of the production process. Every component and material has been sourced for quality of look as well as durability. When you see one of our products in person you will notice the careful attention to detail we take at every step of the production to be sure that your customers know they are in an upgraded restroom.

NuConcepts Portable Restroom Construction

Proprietary Aluminum Extrusions

Many years ago we found that the run-of-the-mill extrusions were not good enough for our customers. The proprietary aluminum structural extrusions we build with provide a lighter, stronger and more beautiful finished product than our competitors. No other company builds with these proprietary materials.

A Cut Above

We pay very close attention to each and every piece of material we cut. Material lengths and precision corner angles are consistently executed to ensure proper fit and finish.

NuConcepts Portable Restroom Construction

Sometimes a Machine Helps Do a Better Job

Craftsmanship is admitting when a machine helps do the job better. We now use computer controlled cutters for many of our panels.


Proprietary Roto Castings

We use roto casting for our Classic VIP roof and our supply and waste tanks. These are designed and cast specifically for us and no other company has them.

Portable Restroom Electrical Assembly

Wiring Done Right

Look inside our service compartments and you will find designs created from experience. Our wiring installations are consistently color coded and second to none.

Portable Restroom Trailer Washing

Worthy of Pride

We take great pride in our products so you can take pride in owning them for many years.