Warming Up To Winter Options On Your Luxury Portable Restroom

Warming Up To Winter Options On Your Luxury Portable Restroom
October 26, 2022 NuConcepts
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Fall is here and there’s a chill in the air, making it a beautiful time for any event. While cold weather may have given event coordinators pause in the past, they know today that there is never a bad time for an outdoor party. Part of this is due to technological advances like those found in luxury portable restrooms. Owners of luxury portables have found that taking advantage of year-round event business opportunities has never been easier thanks to optional upgrades capable of keeping every guest cozy this season and a winterized package that promises to protect your investment as well. 

Nice and Cozy

From fall dances to white winter weddings, the cold weather provides a breathtaking backdrop to any occasion. At lovely parties like these, guest comfort will be top priority. Coordinators will be looking for party additions like tents and heat lamps to fight the chill. Most importantly, bringing along a luxury portable restroom equipped with temperature controls will impress party-goers while keeping them warm. Look to an impressive model like the Prestige by NuConcepts with an upgraded, spacious interior that’s a great fit for formal gowns. Or, suggest the NuConcepts Majestic restroom trailer featuring artfully arched doorways, elegant curved counter tops, a flushing porcelain toilet, beveled glass mirror and plank flooring that even the coldest crowd will warm up to. 

Warm Waters

Cold weather is prime time for spreading germs, which means handwashing is more important this season than ever. While every NuConcepts luxury portable comes equipped with running water and a heavy duty auto-off faucet, warm water heaters are the perfect upgrade to keep guests comfortable all year long. Try adding this feature to the NuConcepts Diplomat, with an increased storage and waste capacity that makes it a popular choice for large crowds where germs spread the fastest. Add a NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable sink with an upgraded hot water heater to high traffic areas or fall food halls. This commercial sink also comes in various fresh water and waste tank sizes and cabinet configuration options to keep a party of any size clean.

Protecting Your Investment 

While the fall brings many event business opportunities, it can also bring harsh weather that’s rough on your luxury portable. Luckily, the NuConcepts winterized option has all that you need to make it through the chilly season, even in the coldest climates. This important upgrade includes a power converter, interior heater, heat pads for water/waste tanks, and other features that ensure your investment runs efficiently all year-round. Try it with the VIP by NuConcepts, a model known for its durability – made from quality materials that stand up to any weather. 

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