Luxury Portable Restroom Features To Be Thankful For

Luxury Portable Restroom Features To Be Thankful For
October 28, 2022 NuConcepts

Fall is here and for those who own a luxury portable restroom or portable restroom trailer, there is so much more to be thankful for. These top of the line outdoor restrooms are a hit at every occasion, thanks to unparalleled features that ensure the highest level of cleanliness, elegance and convenience available in portable sanitation. If you’re looking for a business opportunity you too can be thankful for, here are a few of the reasons to love luxury portables.

A Clean You Can Appreciate

One of the outcomes of living in a post pandemic world is a heightened awareness of hygiene. As anyone in the luxury portable restroom business can tell you, advanced sanitation technology is the key to business opportunities today. Look for models like the Prestige by NuConcepts which offers a roomy interior and high-end sanitary features such as flushing toilets, running water and easy-to-clean surfaces to keep guests both healthy and happy. For additional sanitation, consider adding a NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable sink to your fleet. These portable handwashing stations are designed with low-maintenance, high-quality materials and various fresh water and waste tank sizes to keep hands clean and disinfected.

Glamor to be Grateful For

Thanks to eye-catching, beautiful features, luxury portables have become an in-demand addition to every upscale event, from weddings to fundraisers and school proms. These gorgeous details are helping to keep owners of luxury portables busy all year round—and giving them extra to be grateful for this season. Book the most exclusive fall events with the Majestic from NuConcepts. Details like flushing porcelain toilets, recessed LED lighting, artfully arched doorways, and single cast beveled counters and sinks provide the “wow factor” that makes this model something everyone can appreciate. 

Making Things Easy

Not only do sanitation and luxury provide a business payoff that luxury portable owners love, but the ease of maintenance is a huge added bonus. Luxury portables are easy to set up, easy to service, and easy to store—making them a great, low-effort way to increase your income. Take the NuConcepts Diplomat model for example, with a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses. When it comes time to service, the proprietary roto-cast, freshwater tanks can be emptied by a local waste management company and refilled with a standard garden hose. The quick access to the color-coded electronic panels through convenient outer service compartments provides efficient maintenance all season long. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

With top-of-the-line features like these, there’s never a shortage of reasons for owners of luxury portables to be thankful. If you’re in the market for a luxury portable restroom for sale, contact NuConcepts today to get started.