Luxury Portable Restrooms in the Workplace

Luxury Portable Restrooms in the Workplace
September 29, 2022 NuConcepts

While you probably already know that luxury portable restrooms are a great addition to any event, you may not be aware that these beauties are also a popular addition to many corporate environments as well. In fact, thanks to features like portability and ease of servicing—as well as their unparalleled beauty and sanitation standards—luxury portable bathrooms are quickly becoming a necessity just about anywhere people gather. Companies who employ a sizable staff or outdoor laborers are particularly aware of this need, creating a number of business opportunities for lucky owners of luxury portables. 

The Company VIP 

The outdoor labor force is a huge part of the American economy. From construction workers to miners and beyond, many jobs entail long hours spent outdoors. In years past, employees in these industries were left with no other option than to use old fashioned porta-potties. Let’s just say that this made for a less than enjoyable experience. Thanks to the development of luxury portables, however, employers are now able to offer their teams a more dignified experience. Models like the VIP by NuConcepts are a great way to care for the health and safety of every employee at an outdoor work site thanks to its flushing toilet, running water, and easy-to-clean surfaces. The proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors promise to make the VIP a standout member of your workforce. 

The Crowded House

For many companies, warehouse workers are the backbone of the organization. From the assembly line to the shipping department, from the day shift to the graveyard, these employees offer undeniable value. Show them how important they are and help reduce long bathroom lines by choosing an option like the Diplomat by NuConcepts. Featuring a roomy interior and an increased storage and waste tank capacity that accommodates up to 170 average uses, the Diplomat demands less downtown for maintenance and is a great choice for a large staff working long hours. Added details like the upgraded countertop and toilet placement also go a long way to make every staff member feel a little more appreciated. 

Break Time

No matter what is in an employee’s job description, breaks are always a welcome part of the day. With a post Covid-19 push for more outdoor gathering areas, many companies are creating break areas in open spaces. Whether employees are bringing lunch or able to purchase from a local food truck, they’ll need additional sanitation facilities as well. A sleek model like the NuConcepts Prestige with a roomy interior, upgraded faucet and flattering interior lighting can  really make an employee feel special. Encourage companies to go even further to reduce germs in eating areas by adding a NuConcepts “Very Impressive Portable Sink” to the site. These high-quality sinks come in three tank size options, making them a perfect fit for a staff of any size. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Luxury portable restrooms offer both sanitation and performance that promises to keep any staff smiling. To take the first steps into tapping into this lucrative market, contact the staff at NuConcepts today!