The Portable Restroom Trailer vs. The Porta Potty

The Portable Restroom Trailer vs. The Porta Potty
August 30, 2018 NuConcepts
Inside of porta potty


If you have been looking at porta potties and luxury portable restroom trailers for sale, you’ve likely noticed some striking aesthetic differences. The concept of portable restrooms has been around for nearly eighty years. In fact, porta potties made their first appearances on naval bases during World War II and have since evolved into the recognizable plastic units that we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Now, however, there is a new kid on the block — an upscale option — a luxury portable flushing restroom.


Trailer or Standalone

Luxury portable restrooms can either be standalone, on their own single skid or grouped together on a portable restroom trailer. Either way, the units are easily transported from one location to another. Single units weigh between 600-800 lbs. If they aren’t already attached to a trailer, they can be lifted with a forklift and placed onto a trailer for transportation just like a standard porta potty.


Chemical vs. Flushable

One of the biggest differences between the breeds is that porta potties are “chemical toilets” and the luxury portable restrooms for sale are flushable toilets with running water. Modern chemical toilets collect waste in an open-air bin and utilize nitrate-based solutions that work biologically to deodorize the restroom. Luxury portable restrooms, however, feature toilets similar to ours at home with running water that whisks waste away into an isolated holding tank until it can be emptied by a sanitation truck. This ensures a fresh, sanitary, and pleasant user experience every time.


Electricity and Water

Additionally, luxury portables are wired with electric lights and plumbed with running water sinks. Most of the luxury portable restrooms for sale can be fully self-contained when necessary, running off of their own fresh water reservoirs and generators. Otherwise, they can be plugged into outlets and hoses for an endless supply of water and power. NuConcepts’ portable restroom trailers even come with solar power capabilities. High-end porta potties will sometimes feature a simple foot-powered pump sink, but they do not come standard-equipped with electrical amenities or running water in the way a portable restroom trailer does.



In terms of capacity, portable restroom trailers are known to accommodate nearly twice the amount of traffic as a porta potty can before needing to be maintenanced. This is partially because luxury portables stay fresh longer with more sanitary amenities and partially because their holding tanks are larger as well. To give you an idea, a NuConcepts Diplomat Portable features a 90-gallon waste tank and a 55-gallon freshwater tank for an average of 170 uses before needing to be serviced by a waste management technician.


A League of Their Own

It is no surprise that guests, clients, employees, and attendees love luxury portable restroom trailers. Even business-owners themselves recognize their long-term value. These VIP portables are in a league of their own with flushing toilets, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, hot and cold running water sinks, carpet, mirrors, faux marble countertops and spacious interiors. They are truly a place that guests can go to freshen up or escape the elements in peace.


If you have any questions about portable restroom trailers for sale, speak with a knowledgeable NuConcepts representative who can answer all of your questions about durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, transportation, product features and more. Luxury portable restroom trailers are great for events, worksites, businesses, and venues — easy to maintain, pleasant to use, and appreciated by all! NuConcepts has manufactured very impressive portables for over 20 years and is dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value luxury portable restrooms for sale in the industry.