Luxury Portable Restrooms: An Investment in Your Business

Luxury Portable Restrooms: An Investment in Your Business
August 16, 2018 NuConcepts
Luxury Portable Restrooms: An Investment in Your Business

Unanimous Approval

If you are in the market for luxury portable restrooms for sale, you can rest assured that these are by far, one of the best investments you can make for your business. Just about anyone who has had the pleasure of stepping into a luxury portable restroom trailer can attest to their value. These modern, portable restrooms, also known as VIP restroom trailers, unquestionably live up to their prestigious name. Luxury portable bathrooms possess impressive features like flushing toilets, recessed lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, hot and cold running water sinks, carpet, mirrors, coat hooks, faux marble countertops and spacious interiors. Guests often say that these facilities truly rival their own restrooms at home. If you are contemplating purchasing a luxury portable restroom, this article will help you decide on your new potential investment.  


Unparalleled Amenities

As we have discussed, luxury portable restrooms are designed to impress any guest, whether it be a client, an employee, or event-attendee. These restrooms boast clean, comfortable amenities that standard porta potties simply cannot provide. VIP restroom trailers present flushable, water-based toilets as opposed to chemical-based, non-flushables. Because the running water system transports waste into a separate holding tank, the unit remains odorless and fresh use after use. Not only that, but luxury restroom trailers come equipped with hot and cold running water sinks and exceptional ventilation. Most luxury portable restrooms for sale are available with the optional air conditioning, heating and more incredible features for added comfort. Even base-models are furnished with lighting, weatherproof carpet, a mirror for freshening up, and a coat hanger for your belongings. Whether you are supplementing existing restrooms or relying on luxury trailers as the keystone of your amenities, the VIP trailer solution will far exceed your business’ expectations.


Unbeatable Value

In addition to the aesthetics and comforts provided by flushable restroom trailers, these impressive portables are economical as well. They are durable and very easy to maintain. Single-surface cast countertops and backsplashes are simple to clean with household cleaners. A strict, no-wood construction, smoothly filled corners where floors meet walls and “lifetime” roofs will ensure that your luxury portables last for years. Automatic faucets with commercial-grade valves, well-designed electronic panels, and the intuitive placement of service compartments make our luxury restroom trailers efficient to own and service. Plus, because waste is whisked away from the main compartment, each unit remains fresh significantly longer than typical port-o-potties. In fact, a single luxury portable restroom can service nearly twice the amount of people as a single chemical restroom. This means that by investing in a luxury portable, you could feasibly purchase fewer units, serve more people and spend less time on maintenance! If that isn’t valuable enough, NuConcepts specifically manufactures solar luxury portables. This means that your VIP restroom can harness the power of the sun to power its functions when there is no electric outlet available. Our very impressive portables can be fully self-contained and are among the only solar luxury restroom trailers for sale today.


Intelligent Decision-Making

So, it’s no surprise that luxury portable restroom trailers are in such high demand for businesses. Whether you are looking to provide pleasant facilities for your employees, supplement the restrooms you currently have, improve your venue, or add to your fleet of rentals, there is no doubt that VIP restroom trailers are a wise business investment.


NuConcepts is dedicated to manufacturing portables that withstand the test of time and bring ongoing value to your organization. We strive to anticipate your needs and offer solutions that far exceed your expectations. Learn more about our wide range of luxury restroom trailers for sale by perusing our website or speaking with a knowledgeable representative from our team. We look forward to your inquiries.