Luxury Portable Restrooms That Rival Our Bathrooms at Home

Luxury Portable Restrooms That Rival Our Bathrooms at Home
September 13, 2018 NuConcepts
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The luxury portable restroom trailers for sale today definitely give our bathrooms at home a run for their money! Using the loo on the go used to be a less than glamorous experience. But nowadays, restroom trailer manufacturers seem to have stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge: design a facility that rivals our own restrooms at home!


Real Toilets

The biggest drawback of using a standard porta-potty when you’re out and about is that they are “chemical toilets” without flushing mechanisms or running water. Modern, luxury portable restroom trailers however, are equipped with real flushing toilets that whisk away waste into a hidden tank. This means, no awful smells or unpleasant sights. Plus, guests get to use private, running-water sinks with soap and paper dispensers. If only all campsites featured these luxury portables!


Comfortable Amenities

Most guests are amazed by the cleanliness and the sheer number of comforts offered by portable restroom trailers. Luxury restroom trailer manufacturers have gone above and beyond to anticipate users’ needs and preferences. These impressive portables feature electricity, air conditioning, heating, carpet, and mirrors just like our own at home. In fact, many even have automatic faucets and include faux marble countertops — extra large countertops in the women’s restrooms, specifically! Don’t worry about where to hang your coat or your bag; luxury portables come equipped with coat hangers too. Spacious interiors and high quality LED lighting makes freshening up a synch.


Simple Cleaning

Most any luxury portable restroom trailer for sale can be cleaned just like your washroom at home. Standard, household cleaners will do the trick on all surfaces. Plus, quality portable restroom trailers will also feature single-surface cast countertops and backsplashes as well as smoothly filled corners anywhere that floors meet the walls. This means no mold or mildew and makes for very easy cleaning.


Privacy With Class

Any stigma around using a portable restroom is banished by luxury restroom trailers. These portables are a fantastic option for weddings or formal events. After all, we can’t expect the bride and groom to freshen up in porta-potties, nor can we have guests lining up for one single bathroom inside. Instead, luxury restroom trailers offer privacy with class. They easily accommodate immense traffic while addressing all sorts of needs. ADA restroom trailers are available for handicap guests, for example.


High-Quality Options

Using the restroom on-the-go doesn’t have to be to a struggle or a sacrifice. Luxury portable restroom trailers are very much akin to our bathrooms at home. They come with customizable features and varying levels of space and size. Portable restroom trailers are a higher quality option that speaks volumes to your guests. Anyone who uses a luxury portable will marvel at its modern conveniences and attention to detail. Everyone will appreciate the availability of a clean, flushable, fresh amenities.


If you have any questions during your research on portable restroom trailers for sale, speak with a knowledgeable member of the NuConcepts team. We can answer all of your questions about durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, transportation, product features and more. NuConcepts has manufactured very impressive portables for over 25 years and is dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value luxury portable restrooms for sale in the industry. We welcome your calls and inquiries. Contact us today and let us introduce you to the NuConcepts experience.