The History Of Restroom Trailer Manufacturing

The History Of Restroom Trailer Manufacturing
August 5, 2018 NuConcepts
Restroom Trailer

The luxury portable restroom industry is flourishing. Luxury restroom trailers have spiked in popularity in recent years. Guests have come to not only appreciate, but expect the amenities that these restrooms provide, such as flushing toilets, air conditioning, heating, etc. Often times, luxury portable restrooms even rival our own private bathrooms at home! They are spacious, comfortable, stylish, and efficient.


Humble Beginnings

Portable restrooms have come a long way since their first appearances during World War II. These original units, constructed out of wood and 55-gallon metal drums, were used in shipyards and naval bases. Believe it or not, to service these restrooms, daring pioneers of this industry actually modified the exhaust systems of their pick-up trucks to create vacuum suctions powerful enough to pump out the waste.


Innovation and Technology

After the war, industry was booming. Notable names such as Andy Gump began manufacturing portable restrooms for construction sites all around California. Martin Luther King Jr’s March on Washington in 1963 and New York’s Woodstock in 1969 were among the first ever public events to feature portable restrooms. New materials such as fiberglass and plastic began to emerge on the scene. Plastic took center-stage , being lightweight, unaffected by water, and easier to maintain. A formal trade association, the Portable Sanitation Association International  (PSAI) was developed in 1971. Dedicated waste management trucks even began to emerge with proper vacuum systems.

In the 1980s, Andy Gump, along with two other collaborators,  provided the Summer Olympic Games with 856 portable restrooms scattered between 28 venues around the Los Angeles area. This was a huge success for the industry. As portable restrooms became more and more commonplace, new regulations and training standards for sanitation began to develop with the help of the PSAI. As technology surged in the 90s, the concept of portable restroom trailers was introduced. These upscale bathrooms awed the world with fresh water sinks and VIP amenities.


The Evolution of Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

As time has pushed on, new innovations have allowed the luxury portable restroom industry to soar to new levels. Luxury portable restroom trailers have become the standard for events, military missions, rescue operations, agriculture, industry, and public areas. Celebrations are much easier to host with portable restroom trailers on-hand. Wedding guests, for example, can use portable restroom trailers to freshen up in peace and comfort. Our solar-capable, Diplomat Restroom Trailer, for example, is stylish and spacious with faux marble countertops, recessed LED ceiling lighting, full-flush toilets, dual mirrors, and optional air conditioning and warm water heaters. That’s definitely a far cry from the original wooden boxes of the past!


Luxury Portable Restroom Ownership

Over the years, luxury portable restroom maintenance has become simpler as well. Large, lockable access panels on all of our units, for example,  provide ample room for options and accessories. All of the wiring is color-coded for ease-of-maintenance, and options like our “Winterized Package” are available in the event that you would like warm water year round.

Overall, It simply has never been easier to own and maintain a luxury portable restroom. To operate your portable restroom trailer, you may utilize NuConcepts solar options, or you can hook your unit up to a 110V outlet for immediate power. Incredibly, a basic ¾” garden hose is all you need for access to private or city water. No foul smells, no mold or mildew. As a leader amongst restroom trailer manufacturers, All of our units have proprietary aluminum structural elements, polyethylene plastic walls, roto-cast tanks, and steadfast, no-wood designs.


The NuConcepts Legacy

NuConcepts – Very Impressive Portables, has been family owned and operated for over twenty years, and has always been at the cutting edge of the luxury portable restroom industry. Our handcrafted products offer long-term reliability and industry-leading technology. As the world of portable restrooms evolves, we are proud to pave the way for other luxury restroom trailer manufacturers around the globe.