Surviving Holiday Shopping With Help From Luxury Portables

Surviving Holiday Shopping With Help From Luxury Portables
November 18, 2021 NuConcepts
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It’s official—‘tis the season for holiday shopping—and things can get a little chaotic! To help reduce the stress of seasonal shopping, retail coordinators will be planning ahead to care for consumer needs and make their buying experience as cheerful as possible. This is a great opportunity for owners of luxury portable restrooms to utilize their facilities at outdoor malls, shopping centers, and any other place holiday crowds may gather. 

Seasonal Sales & Sanitary Accommodations

From the frenzy of Black Friday to early January returns, you can expect your local shopping area to be overflowing with people in search of those perfect holiday gifts. To help facilitate the sanitation needs of their shoppers, management will be on the hunt for solutions that are effective, clean and comfortable. That’s where luxury portable restrooms come in! Come to the retail rescue with a luxury portable restroom like the VIP from NuConcepts. This model comes standard with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors that are great in harsh winter weather. The flushing toilet and running water provide lines of worn out shoppers with comfortable amenities that also help reduce the spread of germs. 

Luxury Portables On Everybody’s Christmas List

One of the most famous family traditions during the holiday shopping season is taking the kids to see Santa. But the long lines of crying children and frazzled parents can be rough to navigate and most families will inevitably need a kid-friendly restroom nearby. Luckily, there are luxury portable models like the NuConcepts Prestige. This beauty offers 40% more room than standard models, making it a great resource for parents with young children. The roomier interior, upgraded faucet, and flattering lighting go a long way to bring back that camera-ready smile just in time to make some holiday memories. 

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

As shoppers get hungry, expect lines to develop at food courts and eating areas around outdoor malls and shopping centers. Cater to these crowds with luxury portable restrooms and hand wash stations. Try a luxury restroom like the Diplomat from NuConcepts, which boasts an even roomier interior than the Prestige, beautiful style upgrades and increased storage and waste tank capacity that can handle up to 170 average uses. Kick up sanitation considerations even more in these packed spots by adding a “Very Impressive Sink” by NuConcepts. These portable handwashing stations are a great way to reduce the spread of germs near food and come in three various tank size models and customizable options so they’re always the perfect fit. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables 

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