Restroom Options for Every Event

Restroom Options for Every Event
September 19, 2019 NuConcepts
Venue set up for a rustic barn wedding

Luxury portable restrooms are quickly becoming standard fixtures at all the best public and private events. Offering comfort, cleanliness, portability and the ability to take on large crowds, it’s no surprise that so many companies are seeking out luxury portable restrooms for sale. With so many unique models available in so many sizes and configurations, luxury portable restrooms and restroom trailers are an easy fit for any event. From weddings and private parties to corporate functions, film locations, public concerts, and sporting events, there is always a NuConcepts luxury portable restroom that is right for the occasion.

Outdoor Weddings and Parties

Trends like outdoor garden parties and rustic barn weddings are more in vogue than ever. While these sites can be ideal in space and beauty, they often lack available restrooms to handle crowds of party guests. And although a barn wedding can be beautifully rustic, a venue is far more attractive when the bathrooms are not. When researching portable bathrooms for your outdoor space, consider options like The Majestic luxury restroom trailer by NuConcepts. Designed with features like arched doorways, beautifully curved countertops, and a flushing porcelain toilet, The Majestic was made with the attention to detail party guests appreciate.

Corporate Functions and On the Set

While we all love to play, the reality is that much of our time is actually spent at work. It should come as no surprise then, that many organizations also rely on luxury portable restrooms for various types of company events. In addition to the corporate world, film crews working remotely are often in need of their own luxury portables. Whether you are looking for a luxury porta potty for sale that can take care of the big company outing or a whole film crew, NuConcepts has the model that fits the bill. To let employees know how much they’re valued, give them The NuConcepts Diplomat, a spacious model with room to accommodate families at company picnics and a 90-gallon waste tank along with a 55-gallon freshwater tank to handle approximately 170 uses.

Public Events

Big open-to-the-public event coming up? There are options for that too! Whether it’s a concert in the park or an annual marathon, crowded public events require portable restrooms that can stand up to the masses and still provide a better, more sanitary option. Beyond just a flushing toilet and running water, The VIP by NuConcepts has features like sturdy aluminum structural elements and a power roof vent that helps keep it at its best, no matter the size or state of the crowd. Wood-free floor construction and weather-proof carpeting help to make sure The VIP can handle the foot traffic, rain or shine.


With so many types of venues and events today, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to sacrifice style or sanitation to celebrate anywhere. Contact NuConcepts today for more information on luxury portable restrooms for sale near you.