Portable Restroom Trailers for Film and TV Production

Portable Restroom Trailers for Film and TV Production
September 26, 2019 NuConcepts
Film crew member filming

If you’re looking for portable restrooms for sale in California there’s a good chance that you may one day be servicing the film and television industry. As the hub for this industry, California has long seen economic boosts thanks to the success of film and TV production and now many other states are seeing positive trends in their economy thanks to expanding film locations as well. No matter where these crews choose to shoot, they’ll need amenities like luxury portable restroom trailers. With their mobility, ability to service various crowds, and upscale features that are sure to appeal to even the most important users, these revolutionary portables are always a hit.

Going Places

The film industry is constantly on the move to the next location, which is exactly why portable restroom trailers are such a perfect fit. With their easy-to-set-up, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting designs, NuConcept restroom trailers are the ultimate bathroom solution for remote shoots.
Models such as The Prestige restroom trailer come standard with solar power, a roomy interior, and a second acrylic mirror so you can offer your clients a beautiful restroom anywhere they might be. Features such as proprietary aluminum structural elements and weather-proof carpet help to make sure your investment can stand up to any location or crew it might see.

A Perfect Fit

Remote filming locations can vary in the size of the crew and the length of the production. Having a selection of luxury portable trailers that can accommodate anything from a day-long commercial shoot to the entire cast and crew of a full feature-length film is a lucrative way to grow your business. The Diplomat restroom trailer from NuConcepts is a great option for crews of large numbers, offering increased storage and waste tank capacity that provides up to 170 flushes. Even better, as the roomiest NuConcept design, The Diplomat even offers the space to accommodate those period drama and special effect costumes! Available in single, double, and triple-unit trailer configurations, there is no group too large for a fleet of these beauties to handle.

The Star Treatment

As everyone in Hollywood knows, timeless beauty and flawless style can get you everywhere. It is not surprising then that people working in the film and television industry are so impressed by luxury portable restroom trailers. Styles like the NuConcepts Majestic Restroom trailer in two or four-unit options are built to wow even your most red-carpet-worthy guests. Features such as a single surface custom counter, sink, and backsplash are, not only beautiful, but also easy to wipe clean. With all the strength and durability of every NuConcept model along with artfully arched doorways, brushed aluminum ceilings, beveled glass mirrors, and plank flooring, all of your guests will get to feel like Hollywood royalty.


With a wide range of models that offer style, performance, and convenience, a NuConcepts portable is sure to be the star of any set. Contact us today for more information.