Places You Should Always Find a Luxury Portable Restroom

Places You Should Always Find a Luxury Portable Restroom
March 14, 2019 NuConcepts
Places You Should Always Find a Luxury Portable Restroom

With high demand for a more pleasant on-the-go restroom experience, it’s really no wonder luxury portable restrooms are popping up all over the globe. Chances are you have already had the pleasure of experiencing one of these modern comforts, but if not, here are just a few of the places you can be sure to find a luxury portable restroom.


Private Events

Whether you have been invited to a golden anniversary party, a black-tie wedding, or an extravagant birthday celebration, chances are you will visit the loo at some point. Today’s classiest private event planners all make sure to include luxury portable restrooms in the party details so that every upscale event is sure to offer guests comfort and cleanliness on par with a permanent restroom. With extra room to accommodate ball gowns, a second mirror for beauty touch-ups, and an upgraded faucet, it is no surprise that the NuConcepts Prestige model continually shows up to wow party guests. Make sure to RSVP yes to your next party for a chance to see one!


Corporate Events

Company picnic coming up? Employee team building retreat? Employers today are all opting to include luxury portable restrooms as an alternative to old fashioned chemically treated port-o-potties at company affairs. The NuConcepts Diplomat model is a common accessory at corporate events. Offering an extra roomy interior this luxurious take on portable restrooms is a more sanitary option for employees and their families, so be sure to bring them all.


Charity Auctions and Galas

There is no better reason to dress up than to give back at charity auctions and galas. Thanks to the luxury portable restroom, upscale events can accommodate larger capacities at outdoor venues while providing a superior restroom experience to suit high standards. If you find yourself attending one of these events, keep an eye out for a NuConcepts Majestic Restroom Trailer. With both two and four unit options and beautiful details like double glass mirrors, arched doorways, and flushing porcelain toilets, these beauties can be found at all the greatest happenings.


Ticketed Events

Whether you have tickets to a festival, a concert, or are taking the kids to the carnival, you are bound to run into a luxury portable restroom. The VIP Restroom Trailer by NuConcepts is a popular option for these occasions. Available in 1–6 unit configurations and offering strong fiberglass doors and a power roof vent, there is no crowd too big or too tough for these models to handle. With flushable toilets and upgraded interiors, it’s no wonder they are being utilized everywhere to ensure happy crowds.


NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Offering sanitation and elegance that are unrivaled in the industry, NuConcepts luxury portable restrooms are the new stand-out stars everywhere you look. Contact a NuConcepts team member today to hear more about what we offer.