Popularity of Luxury Portable Restrooms

Popularity of Luxury Portable Restrooms
February 28, 2019 NuConcepts
Luxury Portable Restroom in Field

Offering sleek designs, cost-effective solutions, low maintenance, and top-notch sanitation, it’s no wonder luxury portable restrooms are seeing a rise in popularity. The market for portable restrooms in general is expected to exceed $9 billion by 2026.  Here is a closer look at some of the reasons why venues of all types are utilizing portable luxury facilities and why these portables can be counted as one of the most effective and underrated inventions of our time.


Convenience and Versatility

Today’s luxury portable toilets are available in a number of variations and designs– a large factor in their growing popularity. NuConcepts’ restroom trailers come in one, two, three, or four-unit configurations with easy setup in any location, making them a favored choice for just about every space. Whether an event calls for one large restroom area or several distanced units, these facilities afford the freedom and ease to make anything happen. Providing high standards with more choices has proven a marketable gain for luxury portable restroom manufacturers.


Saving You Money

Not only do luxury portable restrooms offer a highly convenient and versatile solution to your needs, but they do so with minimal cost. Building permanent restroom facilities can be both expensive and inconvenient. With financing available and many models to choose from, luxury portable restrooms offer a cost-effective solution that sacrifices none of the conveniences of a traditional restroom. Moreover, each luxury portable restroom NuConcepts makes is built to last for long-term investment. With consumers looking to get the most bang for their buck, it’s no wonder market trends are on the rise for these luxury facilities.


Easy on the Eyes

True beauty never goes out of style, even in the world of portable restrooms. The modern designs and detailed upgrades of today’s luxury portable restrooms have made them an indispensable tool for upscale events and outdoor planning. Created with style in mind, the NuConcepts Majestic Model features beautifully arched doorways and curved counter tops, a porcelain toilet, brushed aluminum ceilings, beveled glass mirror and plank flooring sure to wow even the hardest to impress guests.


Keeping it Clean

Another factor leading to the rise in luxury portable toilets is a concern for public health. Designs such as the NuConcepts VIP model, recognized as the workhorse of the industry, are gaining popularity by providing an unbeatable standard of cleanliness. Going beyond the flushing toilet, each model includes a sink for handwashing, hard surfaces for easy disinfecting, and a power roof vent to ensure a pleasant experience for all users. Whether providing a more sanitary option to employees on a job site or families at an event, more people than ever are finding assurance in luxury portable restrooms.


NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Luxury portable restrooms are in high demand with all they have to offer. Contact a NuConcepts team member today to find out more about why our products are so sought-after and what keeps us growing!