Embrace the PSAI

Embrace the PSAI
November 15, 2018 NuConcepts
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For those new to the world of luxury restroom trailers, the vast world of portable sanitation is likely uncharted territory. That is why we would like to introduce you to an incredible resource: the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). The PSAI is the largest trade association of its kind, promoting “a world in which clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all.” Its goal is to provide information and education, facilitating safe, portable sanitation through PSAI members like NuConcepts.


Purpose of the PSAI

Established in 1971, the PSAI’s mission includes “improving portable sanitation facilities” and “increasing the understanding of the role portable sanitation plays in addressing global public health challenges.” The PSAI is instrumental in developing and promoting industry standards and also provides information and resources to operators, suppliers, government entities and the public.


Industry Growth

Generating over 4 billion dollars a year, the portable sanitation industry is booming. The PSAI estimates that “worldwide, 3 million portable restrooms are in use, serviced by a fleet of over 10,000 trucks.” Portable restroom trailers have become staples at construction sites, parks, sporting events, outdoor gatherings, disaster relief sites, military facilities, and more.


Portable restroom trailers are more commonplace than ever before and the PSAI is dedicated to regulating and growing the industry. In fact, the PSAI includes international membership spanning six of Earth’s seven continents. It offers training and credentialing for Portable Sanitation Professionals, monitors OSHA standards, and develops key business benchmarks for industry operators.


Standards of Excellence

The PSAI honors the excellence of industry leaders each year at the PSAI Annual Convention and Trade Show, which also features prominent guest speakers and exhibitors. The PSAI Nuts and Bolts Educational Conference focuses on providing attendees with “a wide array of resources to grow their business,” whether they are portable restroom veterans or newcomers to the industry. Additionally, the PSAI Newsletter is a great publication for education and news tailored to portable sanitation.


The Portable Sanitation Association International is a useful tool for anyone interested in luxury portable restroom trailers. Our NuConcepts team can also answer any questions you might have about durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, and transportation of luxury portable restrooms. NuConcepts is a proud member of the PSAI, manufacturing products that meet and exceed the organization’s Code of Excellence for over 20 years. We are dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value luxury portable restrooms for sale in the industry.