Upgrades Worth Every Penny

Upgrades Worth Every Penny
November 29, 2018 NuConcepts
inside of restroom trailer

Luxury portable restroom trailers come in many different varieties, geared toward different clientele. These restrooms can be great for weddings, event venues, construction sites, public parks, sporting events, outdoor gatherings, disaster relief sites, military facilities, and much more. In purchasing your luxury portable, you will find yourself faced with many decisions regarding make, model, and custom upgrades. Here, we outline the upgrades that we believe will provide the best bang for your buck based on your specific clientele.


Elegant Affairs

If your luxury portable will be utilized for weddings, black tie events, or other elegant affairs, we recommend a restroom trailer such as the 2 or 4-Restroom Majestic with arched doorways, elegantly curved countertops, a flushing porcelain toilet, brushed aluminum ceilings, beveled glass mirror, and linoleum planked flooring. These units come standard with heavy-duty auto-off faucets and single-cast counter and sink with backsplash. We recommend paying a little more for stainless steel dispensers to really impress your guests, and don’t forget to ask about AC and heating options if you expect temperatures to fluctuate in your area.


Construction Sites

Often times, construction sites don’t have accessible power hookups for your restroom trailer. Do not get stuck in a pickle without electricity to power your unit! Opt for any of NuConcept’s solar-powered and self-contained restrooms. The VIP portable restroom is considered the “workhorse of the industry,” perfect for job sites and construction crews. We highly recommend going the extra mile and adding soap, paper towel, toilet paper, and seat cover dispensers to your unit. These additions will ultimately keep your space cleaner for longer and you will be happy that you did.


Corporate Workplace

For more permanent corporate placement, consider a spacious restroom like the Prestige, which boasts 40% more interior space. Employees and clients will be grateful to have a comfortable place to freshen up during the day. This unit also features an upgraded faucet and a second, floor-length acrylic mirror – truly a pleasant touch. Its lightweight polyethylene walls, Sun Strong Fiberglass doors, and durable weatherproof carpet make this unit a great investment that will hold its value and serve your company for years to come.


Customized Needs

If you require a more customizable option, speak to a NuConcepts team member about the Diplomat restroom trailer. This trailer meets international shipping requirements and is available in spacious single, double, and triple unit configurations. Additionally, the Diplomat provides options in terms of interior materials, countertops, and toilet placement. Plus, this luxury restroom trailer has an increased storage and waste tank capacity to accommodate up to 170 uses before being serviced!



As you shop, there are certain features that you should consider to be non-negotiable. We never advise purchasing a luxury restroom trailer that contains wood in its floor construction. Wood and water do not mix and wood alternatives are a much more durable option. Our company sticks to a strict wood-free floor policy. Additionally, we encourage you to look for smoothly filled corners where floors meet walls and spots where countertops meet backsplashes. This will prevent future problems with mold or mildew. Our ultimate goal at NuConcepts is to consistently provide the longest-lasting, highest value luxury portables in the industry and we welcome your calls and questions along the way!