Defining Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

Defining Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers
October 31, 2018 NuConcepts
Luxury portable restroom at night

Amidst your quest for the best portable restroom trailers for sale, you might be wondering, what makes luxury portable restroom trailers so luxurious, anyways? How can a porta potty be glamorous? How do luxury portables live up to their name? Read-on, and you will be surprised by the amenities offered by luxury portable restroom trailers. Not only do they look and smell fresh, but they are convenient and comfortable as well. They are staples within just about any industry…and for great reason!


Stunning Aesthetics

Let’s begin with the superficial qualities of luxury portable restrooms. Luxury portable restroom trailers look nothing like standard portable restrooms – aka porta potties. These impressive portables are in a league of their own. NuConcepts’ Majestic trailers for example, are available with beautiful, durable, and anti-microbial vinyl plank flooring that looks just like real wood. These luxury trailers feature beveled, faux marble countertops and easy to clean molded-in sinks. They have automatic faucets, large mirrors, coat hangers, warm-toned recessed LED lights, and plenty of space to move about or decorate. Restrooms are available in many different models, each with their own optional upgrades.


Genuine Comforts

The amenities of Luxury portables reach far beyond their surface appeal. They not only look inviting but are genuinely comfortable to use. Unlike porta potties, luxury restroom trailers feature flushable toilets and running-water sinks. Waste is whisked away into an isolated holding tank, so units remain pleasant and fresh. Luxury portables feature lighting, locking doors, and just about all the features of home. NuConcepts’ portables are conveniently solar powered and environmentally conscious. Customers also love the available air conditioning and heating options.


A Different Caliber

Luxury portable restroom trailers simply provide a higher caliber of hospitality, suitable for any situation. Wedding guests have come to expect the amenities of luxury portable restroom trailers. Corporations utilize luxury portables for their employees and clients. Event venues rely on restroom trailers to accommodate a higher volume of traffic than porta potties can support. Homeowners are glad to divert messy party-goers to portable restroom trailers than into their house. Construction crews appreciate the relief of A/C and running water on a hot day. Overall, luxury portable restroom trailers are the clear, higher quality solution.


Industry Leaders

With over 25 years experience as the leading manufacturer of luxury portable restroom trailers in California, NuConcepts team members are experts in the field. As you continue your research, please reach out with any questions you might have. We will be happy to provide you with information regarding durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, product features and more. NuConcepts is dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value luxury portable restrooms in the industry. Let us introduce you to NuConcepts Experience.