Maintaining a Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer

Maintaining a Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer
October 23, 2018 NuConcepts
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Customers might worry that maintaining a luxury portable restroom could be difficult or expensive. The truth is, luxury restroom trailers are very low-maintenance! Luxury portables are designed to be both cost-effective and user-friendly. This means, you get all the bells and whistles – without the hassle. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than that!


Simple Cleaning

One appealing feature of luxury portable restrooms is the fact that they are so easy to clean. All of the surfaces can be cleaned with standard household cleaners. This includes backsplashes, countertops, floors, toilets, and walls. NuConcepts particularly goes the extra mile with their luxury portable restrooms for sale: all countertops and backsplashes are single-surface pieces without unnecessary nooks and crannies that could collect debris. So go ahead…spray, wipe, or sweep your trailer with confidence.


Long-Term Durability

As should all restroom trailer manufacturers, NuConcepts adheres to a firm no-wood policy in their construction. This means that all materials utilized in manufacturing are man-made and water-resistant. Restrooms inherently get wet; water might splash out of the sink during hand-washing or be tracked in by boots from a rainy day. Wood holds moisture, breeding bacteria and mold. You might even see signs of this in your baseboards at home near your shower. A no-wood construction, however, ensures that your restroom trailer will last decades to come without water-damage or structural degradation. Our high-density vinyl and other wood-alternatives are tough and beautiful.


Straightforward Servicing

You will find that high-quality portable restrooms are also very convenient to service. NuConcepts, for example, uses consistent, color-coded electronic panels, easily accessible through outer service compartments. And, when tanks require emptying, most local waste-management companies can come to you and empty units on-location. Freshwater tanks can be refilled with a standard garden hose.


Storage and Transportation

If you plan to store your unit for long periods of time, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for flushing out the tank and sealing the cabin off from harsh elements. Before any sort of storage or transportation, you will want to have the waste tank pumped and the freshwater tanks emptied. Transportation is simple and all luxury restroom trailers can be pulled with a standard 2” ball hitch. Just be sure to check the tow capacity of your automobile.


With minimal maintenance, your restroom trailer will last for years to come. Clean it as if it were your primary bathroom at home. Luxury portable restroom trailers are practical and economical by design. They are a great option for rental businesses, personal use, venues or job sites. If you have any questions, speak with a knowledgeable member of the NuConcepts team. We can answer all of your questions about durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, transportation, product features and more. NuConcepts has been the leading manufacturer of luxury portables for over 25 years and is dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value luxury portable restrooms for sale in the industry. We welcome your calls and inquiries. Contact us today and let us introduce you to Very Impressive Portables.