Luxury Portables at Corporate Functions

Luxury Portables at Corporate Functions
March 5, 2020 NuConcepts
Luxury portable at corporate function

A modern workplace understands that company togetherness can promote loyalty and productivity. Whether organizations are getting ready to throw their employees a company party, getting a jumpstart on planning the summer company picnic, or working on a team-building retreat, they’ll need to make sure they have enough restroom facilities to handle their crowd. These corporate events can be a great opportunity for owners of luxury portable restrooms as companies seek to outfit their parties with restrooms that are both functional and beautiful as well. 

Showing Some Appreciation

Bosses everywhere are marking their calendars! March 6th is Employee Appreciation Day and a great opportunity to reward staff for a job well done. For large companies, this can often mean hosting company parties across all departments and branches. When large staff numbers mean it’s time to take the party outdoors, employers will need to call in luxury portable restrooms. The VIP model by NuConcepts offers an option that is both beautiful and sanitary so that bosses can really show they care. A flushable toilet with Teflon seal and easy to clean hard surfaces will keep employees feeling clean, while the power roof vent ensures each unit stays smelling fresh after every use. It’s easy to see why a luxury portable is the perfect addition when you are looking to show some appreciation. 

Everyone Loves a Picnic

As the weather continues to warm, company administrators begin to make plans to take advantage of the sun with annual company picnics. As employees are encouraged to bring along the whole family, employers will need to provide restrooms that can stand up to the crowd. For large, family-friendly, events try models such as the NuConcepts Prestige. With forty percent more interior space, the Prestige is a great option for parents with young children and a sure hit with celebrating families. Features like the upgraded faucet and flattering interior lighting provide extra comforts that help keep everyone ready to play! 

All About Teamwork

Whether it’s gathering staff for a campout or spending a few days working on a local ranch, team-building retreats are utilized often as a way to teach employees how to work together and problem solve as one unit. As the entire staff is often encouraged to participate in these typically outdoor activities that can sometimes last for days, finding a comfortable luxury portable restroom is an important factor in keeping employees’ spirits high. For events that could last a while, suggest the Diplomat by NuConcepts. It’s increased storage and waste tank capacity allows for up to 170 average uses – reducing the need for constant servicing. An extra roomy interior and additions like faux marble countertops and recessed LED ceiling lighting are sure to leave every employee feeling like they are part of a winning team. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Corporate events are just some of the many functions that require a luxury portable restroom or trailer. If you’re still looking for a luxury portable for sale contact a NuConcepts representative today!