Why Your Event Venue Needs a Luxury Portable Restroom

Why Your Event Venue Needs a Luxury Portable Restroom
February 23, 2023 NuConcepts
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If you own an event venue, you’ve likely considered investing in a luxury portable restroom. Thanks to the growing popularity of outdoor weddings and parties, portable restroom facilities have become a necessity in the event industry. Offering sanitation with style, luxury portable restrooms are a great way to “wow” guests and accommodate large parties with ease. Furthermore, having one on-site and included in event packages gives you a massive leg up on competition and goes a long way towards keeping your venue booked all year long. 

The Cleanest Choice Around

Whether your event space is a rustic barn or a more traditional indoor location, restrooms are often limited. Luxury portables are the best way to offer additional restroom facilities anywhere—from fields to gardens—and without sacrificing cleanliness. Offering flushing toilets, running-water sinks and easy-to-clean surfaces, luxury restrooms protect their users from germs and bacteria that cause illness. The Prestige by NuConcepts is a great choice for parties, thanks to its 40% roomier interior—perfect for accommodating formal gowns—and acrylic mirror for makeup touch ups. Or, book the best weddings in town with the Majestic Luxury Restroom Trailer, designed with arched doorways, beautifully curved countertops, and a flushing porcelain toilet. This restroom trailer is available in either two- or four-unit models, making it a great fit for weddings and galas of any size. Add additional sanitation with a NuConcepts commercial sink, made from the same high-quality materials as our restrooms, and featuring three tank size options for any event.

Easy to Maintain

Busy venue owners and their staff will be delighted to know that luxury portables are designed to make servicing as easy as possible, with the help of features like easy-to-access, color-coded electronic panels and proprietary roto-cast freshwater tanks. Tanks can be emptied with a call to your local waste management company and refilled with a simple garden hose. Solar power allows you to move your portable anywhere on your grounds without the need to run power. For larger venues and bigger crowds, try out the NuConcepts Diplomat model, featuring a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses between services! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Your Long-Term Investment

Your venue is an important investment…and so is a luxury portable restroom. As a venue owner, it’s important to know that your purchases are built to last. That’s why NuConcepts builds all of its luxury portables with durable, long-lasting materials like proprietary aluminum structural elements, polyethylene plastic walls, sun-strong fiberglass doors and a “lifetime” roof to protect each unit from outside elements. Features like wood-free construction and weatherproof carpet keep the inside safe from wet shoes and mud. For proof of the quality design and build that NuConcepts has to offer, look no further than the NuConcepts VIP model, nicknamed the “workhorse” of the industry. 

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Get ahead of Event Season this year and purchase your own luxury portable today. To find out about how you can get started, contact us for more information.