Make Your Own Green with a Luxury Portable Restroom

Make Your Own Green with a Luxury Portable Restroom
February 16, 2023 NuConcepts
make your own green

When it comes to a lucky financial investment, luxury portable restrooms really deliver, and that’s thanks to their high demand all year round. St. Patrick’s Day is just one of many festive holidays that keep these stylish, portable bathrooms booked. Offering a winning combination of beautiful, high-end features, quality construction and top-of-the-line sanitation standards, luxury portable restrooms have everything an investor needs to make a little extra green this St. Patrick’s day—and all the day to follow! 

A Wee Bit O’Fun

If you’re like most, you probably associate St. Patrick’s Day with a local Irish pub. In fact, many restaurants and bars offer specials on this day like green beer and festive food. Larger venues may promote live music and dancing. Parking lots and outdoor areas may open up to accommodate more people, and patrons may experience longer waits to get in due to the large crowds. To deal with the multitude of extra people, these events often call for extra restroom facilities. Be there to support with a luxury portable restroom that can handle whatever the late night crowd might throw at it. The VIP by NuConcepts is a great option for parties like these, offering proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and strong fiberglass doors. 

Some Local Luck

For many cities, St. Patrick’s Day is a major community affair, celebrated with parades and park performances. These events typically call for additional restroom facilities, and it’s no surprise that luxury portables are the preferred sanitation solution. This is because features like flushing toilets, running water and easy-to-clean surfaces keep crowds cleaner than old fashioned porta potties. When looking to reduce germs for family-friendly events, try a model like the Prestige by NuConcepts. The 40% increased interior space of this model makes it a great choice for parents with young children. For longer events or larger crowds, check out the NuConcepts Diplomat, with even more interior space and a waste tank capacity (able to handle an average of 170 flushes)! Take sanitation a step further and place “Very Impressive Portable Sinks” around food stands—or any area that can use some extra care. These portable, self-contained cabinet sinks are made with high-quality materials and come with various fresh water and waste tank sizes to help keep the spread of germs to a minimum without sacrificing any of the fun. 

A Charming Addition

The festive mood and early spring weather of St. Patrick’s Day also provides opportunities for private parties and events. Regardless of whether these parties are Luck-of-the-Irish themed, they are a great way to make some extra green. Provide the most “wow” factor with an upscale model like the Majestic Restroom Trailer by NuConcepts. This beautiful portable comes with a beveled glass mirror, artfully arched doorways, elegantly curved countertops, and plank flooring —all designed to make it any investor’s lucky charm. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

For holidays and beyond, a NuConcept luxury portable restroom is an investment that pays like a pot of gold. For more information on how to get yours, contact us today.