Unique Opportunities for Luxury Portables

Unique Opportunities for Luxury Portables
April 21, 2020 NuConcepts

One of the greatest things about owning a luxury portable restroom is learning about all of the surprising business opportunities in which they can be useful. If you have been researching the benefits of owning a luxury portable restroom trailer or are brainstorming avenues to expand your current clientele, there is a long list of unique events to explore. Outdoor gatherings such as group retreats, glamping sites, or business training experiences are all great opportunities to grow your business. Outside of the box events such as these will help to broaden your market and give you the highest return on your investment. 

Getting Away From It All

With the day to day grind weighing so many people down, the popularity of group retreats is on the rise. Planning retreats is a growing business that includes servicing the needs of everyone from church groups looking to reconnect with their faith, to yoga enthusiasts seeking peace in nature. To appeal to the needs of the whole group, we recommend the Diplomat luxury portable restroom by NuConcepts. A beautiful design and personalized options for interior materials, upgraded counter-tops, and toilet placement make the Diplomat feel as customized as your own home. Additionally, the increased storage and waste tank capacity accommodate up to 170 average uses between upkeep. This makes it the perfect solution for larger groups or multiple-day retreats. 

(Almost) Roughing It

Crowds that crave wide open spaces but also like a little bit of luxury are looking to glamping. A growing trend in outdoor leisure, glamping combines many of the comforts of home with the backdrop of camping. Setting up group glamping trips often includes upgrading to more impressive flushing toilets like luxury portable restrooms. For a simple design that is sure to handle the elements, bring along the VIP model from NuConcepts. Proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors ensure that the VIP has a tough enough exterior to handle any environment. Additionally, a clean interior, flushable toilet with Teflon seal, acrylic mirror and heavy-duty faucet promise glampers all the comfort they desire. 

Outdoor Learning

Not all unique outdoor events opportunities are recreational. For instance, corporate training workshops and seminars are also great opportunities to market your luxury portable. Companies often plan outdoor events to teach leadership and team-building skills. Work forces of all sizes will love the Prestige by NuConcepts, available as a standalone model or 1, 2, or 3-unit trailer-mounted configurations. Featuring a roomy interior, flattering lighting, and upgraded faucet, the Prestige is enough to impress even the company’s senior-most management. Meanwhile, the weather-proof carpet and NuConcept’s no-wood construction promise to keep your investment looking its best no matter what the environment. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

There are so many fun and unique events in need of luxury portable restrooms and presenting opportunities to expand your clientele. For more information on how you can own a luxury portable of your own, contact NuConcepts today!