Providing Sanitary Solutions for Essential Employees

Providing Sanitary Solutions for Essential Employees
May 7, 2020 NuConcepts
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Keeping things clean has never been more important than it is today. If you have been looking into a luxury portable restroom for sale, you’re probably getting familiar with all the sanitary benefits they bring. With so many essential employees working hard to protect us during these challenging times, it is important we do what we can to protect them too. From healthcare workers and first responders to grocery store employees and delivery people, heavily staffed organizations are finding it difficult to provide sanitary facilities to the masses of people who need them most. As the owner of a luxury portable bathroom, now is a great time to get involved. 

Staying Sanitary

One of the greatest assets of a luxury portable restroom or restroom trailer is its unparalleled level of sanitation. In times like these when staying germ-free is more important than ever, look to models like the Prestige by NuConcepts to keep your users safe and sanitary. Offering flushing toilets with Teflon seals, optional soap and paper dispensers, an upgraded heavy-duty auto-off faucet with running water, and hard surfaces for cleaning, the Prestige goes a long way to provide health and hygiene to its guests. Added storage compartments provide extra space for cleaning and maintenance supplies so easy decontamination is always right within reach. When restrooms are covered but sanitation is still a concern, NuConcepts offers portable deli sinks that are health and safety certified (NSF), and have heavy-duty commercial grade faucets and sprayers running hot and cold water to make sure all hands are as clean as possible. 

Hard at Work

Right now no one is working harder than our essential employees. With extended hours and increased staff, stores and healthcare facilities are remaining open to ensure we have access to the things we need. When overloaded employees need a clean place to rest, try a model that works as hard as they do like the VIP by NuConcepts. Referred to as “the workhorse of the industry,” the VIP is complete with an upgraded interior inside proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors. Looking to make valuable staffers feel extra special? Try the NuConcepts Majestic restroom trailer complete with features like arched doorways, elegantly curved counter tops, flushing porcelain toilet, and beveled glass mirror. Available in two or four-unit configurations, the Majestic brings luxury to any size staff. 

Going Long Hours

For many essential employees, closing time is not an option. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are working around the clock at hospitals and emergency sites to provide care for an often overflowing number of patients. To help provide sanitary conditions to a workforce that doesn’t sleep, consider the Diplomat by NuConcepts. Featuring the roomiest NuConcepts interior available, the Diplomat comes standard with an increased storage & waste tank capacity, accommodating up to 170 average uses. This makes it a great choice for a fast-paced, busy environment that demands less downtown due to maintenance. Details such as upgraded countertop and toilet placement go a long way to make vital personnel feel a little more valued. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

The sanitation and flexibility of luxury portable restrooms are always reliable ways to keep users happy, regardless of whether they are celebrating or on-the-job. If you have been looking for a luxury portable restroom for sale contact the staff at NuConcepts today!