Take a Break this Spring with Luxury Portable Restrooms

Take a Break this Spring with Luxury Portable Restrooms
March 17, 2022 NuConcepts
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Spring Break is coming and one thing you can rely on is that people will be out to celebrate. As students of all ages are let out of school, family-friendly events and vacation destinations will see a huge rise in attendance. This makes Spring Break a great opportunity for owners of luxury portable restrooms who are ready to turn a profit off of their investment. Whether you’re looking to outfit a community event or support a day on the beach, finding the perfect luxury portable restroom couldn’t be easier.

Easter Holiday

Spring Break often falls around the Easter holiday, so it’s no surprise that Easter weekend creates some of the biggest business opportunities of the season. Community egg hunts at the park and pop-up Easter bunny photo ops promise to bring in families with young kids looking to make memories. For events like these, consider a model like Prestige by NuConcepts with 40% more room than the standard interior, making it big enough for parents with young children. Add a NuConcepts “Very Impressive Portable Sink” to better protect events with kids from passing more than just eggs between them. These customizable commercial hand wash sinks are a great addition to any sanitation-conscious gathering. 

Soaking Up Sun

For older students in high school and college, spring break is a great chance to head to the water with friends and soak up the first warm, school-free days of the year. Whether you’re near the beach, lake, or riverfront, if you own a luxury portable restroom or you’re looking for a luxury portable for sale, this can be a great opportunity for business. When waterfront recreational areas expect a rise in turnout, they seek additional sanitation facilities to keep up with the crowds. A roomy model like the NuConcepts Diplomat is a great fit. Boasting an extra spacious layout and increased storage and waste tank capacity, the Diplomat  allows up to 170 average uses, making it a great option for large crowds. Features such as proprietary aluminum structural elements and weatherproof carpeting promise to hold up against harsh elements like the sun and sand. 

Your Spring Best

Have something fancier in mind this spring? Whether it’s the bridal shower, the actual wedding, or something even more formal, luxury portable restrooms are always your best bet. When your most demanding clients come calling, show them a high end model such as the Majestic by NuConcepts. This beauty is a great way to impress crowds at every spring fling, with features such as artfully arched doorways, elegant curved counter tops, flushing porcelain toilets, brushed aluminum ceilings, beveled glass mirrors and plank flooring in each individual restroom. With a design as lovely as spring itself, it’s no wonder that the Majestic is the top of the line in luxury portables. 

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