Staying Sanitary in the New Normal

Staying Sanitary in the New Normal
July 16, 2020 SDC Project Management
Two people wearing masks and social distancing

During these unprecedented times, one thing that’s easy to agree upon is the importance of caution and sanitization as we return to our new normal. From regularly cleaning surfaces to maintaining proper hand hygiene, there are many easy steps that we can take to cut down the risk of passing on infection. As social distancing restrictions begin to lessen and public gatherings are again permitted, it is more important than ever to provide sanitary options such as luxury portable restrooms and hand hygiene stations. 

A More Hygienic Restroom Option

Once upon a time, the thought of portable restrooms meant unsanitary, non-flushable porta-potties. Often a dreaded experience, old fashioned porta-potties are more difficult to keep clean and can also present a higher risk of spreading germs and illness. Modern luxury portable restrooms are the perfect solution. Models such as the NuConcepts VIP offer easy-to-clean, high-quality surfaces, flushing toilets, and running water faucets for hand washing. Options like paper and soap dispensers take an extra step to make sure every user has the opportunity to stay as scrubbed as possible. For swankier events, try the top of the line Majestic restroom trailer by NuConcepts, complete with single-surface counters, sinks, and backsplashes that easily wipe clean, plus beautiful details like artfully arched doorways, brushed aluminum ceilings, a beveled glass mirror and plank flooring to keep guests impressed.

The Importance of Hand Washing

One of the clearest messages people are hearing around the world today is to remember to wash your hands. As employees return to work and events and gatherings begin again, it is important to provide areas for hand washing. Nuconcepts’ Very Impressive Portable Sinks are a great way to ensure that the hands of employees, caterers, or guests stay clean. These portable, self-contained cabinet sinks are designed with today’s needs in mind. With 2 various tank size models ranging from our standard 12-gallon tank for approximately 250 uses up to our largest 55-gallon tank model for approximately 1150 uses, these portable sinks are a “must-have” for 2020 gatherings. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Proper hygiene is the best weapon available in fighting the spread of illness. In today’s new normal, making sure every gathering or event is equipped with the tools to stay healthy is more important than ever. To get more information on any one of our luxury portable restrooms or Very Impressive Portable Sinks for sale, contact us today.