Sanitary Options at Community Events

Sanitary Options at Community Events
June 30, 2020 NuConcepts
Luxury portables at community events

Proper sanitation is getting a lot of press lately and reminding the world of the importance of maintaining clean spaces. As local and state governments slowly get back to work, more community events are finding stricter standards of hygiene in place. For those of us in the portable sanitation industry, there is no question that luxury portable restrooms offer the highest level of assurance when it comes to sanitation. Engineered to include comforts you would find in your own home bathroom and made from easy-to-clean, durable materials, luxury portable restroom trailers are the obvious solution to the portable sanitation demands of our “new normal.” 

Designed for Hygiene

From Sunday morning farmer’s markets to Friday evening movies in the park, community events are a great way to bring people together. As local crowds begin to gather again, it is important to maintain sanitation standards that protect your group. Luxury portable restrooms such as the VIP from NuConcepts have been designed with features like a flushable toilet with a Teflon seal, a heavy-duty auto-off faucet, and a powered roof vent for clean, comfortable guests. Optional soap and paper dispensers make staying healthy a snap, highlighting just one of many reasons why luxury portables are the common sense option for safer, more hygienic living. 

Easy to Clean

While hygienic features go a long way to help users keep clean,  event-goers will also appreciate disinfected surfaces. Whether an event is in a city square or on a sandy beach, models like the NuConcepts Prestige offer durable, easy to clean surfaces like an acrylic-coated metallic ABS sink and weather-proof carpeting. Store cleaning or maintenance supplies in one of the convenient compartments to ensure easy access for regular upkeep. Or, for swankier affairs, try the Majestic Restroom Trailer by NuConcepts with high-end features like single surface counters, sinks, and backsplashes that easily wipe clean and linoleum plank flooring that stands up to any foot traffic.

Trouble-Free Maintenance   

In addition to being a more hygienic option in sanitation than old fashioned porta-potties, luxury portable restrooms are also designed to make maintenance a breeze. The color-coded electronic panels designed by NuConcepts are easy to access through convenient outer service compartments. The NuConcepts Diplmat model boasts a storage and a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses – making it a low maintenance option when catering to community events with larger crowds like county fairs or local concerts. When it comes time to service your NuConcepts luxury model, the proprietary roto-cast, freshwater tanks are simple to refill with a standard garden hose and can be emptied by a local waste management company for the easiest sanitation possible. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

With the world’s quickly growing awareness of proper sanitation, it’s nice to know that luxury portable restrooms have all your needs covered. Contact a NuConcepts team member for more information on owning one today!