Sanitary Options at School Sporting Events

Sanitary Options at School Sporting Events
August 20, 2020 NuConcepts
Sanitary options for school sporting events

Back to school is soon approaching and schools across the country are coming up with new ways to provide a safer, more sanitary environment in the new normal. Administrators are finding inventive ways to improve school functions and sporting events to comply with stricter health regulations and safety guidelines. With increased caution in place, school functions in the post-pandemic world are a great opportunity to put your highly sanitary NuConcepts model to good use. 

Team Sports

Whether it’s a varsity football game or the big track meet, school sports are known to draw a crowd. As schools slowly begin to open up athletic events again extra precautions will be taken in an effort to make cheering crowds feel as safe as possible. Investing in a luxury portable restroom for sale or hand washing station is a great way to join the team effort. To best serve these large crowds look to models like the Diplomat by NuConcepts, with a super roomy interior fit for families and increased waste capacity that can handle up to 170 uses. While features like the faux marble countertops and recessed LED ceiling lighting could wow any crowd, the upgraded heavy-duty auto-off faucet and easy to clean surfaces will be the big winners when it comes to keeping guest experiences sanitary and safe. 

School Pride

From pep rallies to band performances, showing up for activities is a great way to support a school. Providing additional restrooms or sinks for handwashing is a great way to help adhere to health concerns while having a great time. The NuConcepts VIP  model is a much appreciated model for these high-traffic events. Built in the U.S.A. with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun strong fiberglass doors, the VIP stands up to the most spirited crowd. Standard features like a flushing toilet, auto-off faucet, and paper towel holder mean this beauty can do wonders to help prevent the spread of germs in a crowd. For even more decontamination tools, try a NuConcepts very impressive VIP sink – an absolute must have at any event or gathering in the new normal. 

Fundraising Events

Helping out a local school is a great way to do some good. Raising money through run-a-thons, canned food drives, and attending seasonal festivals not only enables schools to do more but increases a sense of community. Incorporating luxury portable restrooms into these events will give attendees peace of mind that their restroom needs are being met in the most sanitary conditions. Try a model such as the Presitge by NuConcepts when booking a charitable school event. With 40% more interior space, the Prestige can accommodate parents with small children easily. It’s beautiful, clean design and built tough materials will ensure each guest feels comfortable and safe enough to stay and support a great cause. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

As a family owned company providing beautiful state-of-art sanitation options for over 20 years, NuConcepts has experience providing luxury portable restrooms and sinks that promise to keep crowds both clean and impressed. To learn more about purchasing a luxury portable bathroom for sale contact us today!