Reasons to be Thankful for Luxury Portable Restrooms

Reasons to be Thankful for Luxury Portable Restrooms
October 19, 2021 NuConcepts

Thanksgiving is drawing near and this year, we’re all extra grateful for the opportunity to celebrate together with our loved ones. As holiday gatherings commence, so do opportunities for a luxury portable restroom. From traditional family dinners to festive outings and holiday shopping, luxury portables are sure to be in high demand. If you’re in the market for a luxury portable restroom for sale, NuConcepts has the perfect model to help you capitalize on the holiday action.

A Sanitary Thanksgiving

Nothing kicks off the holiday season quite like a Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones—and we expect this season will be extra popular since so many families had to forgo their 2020 traditions due to COVID-19. Consequently, accommodating hosts will be looking to going the extra mile to reassure guests and keep reunions safe. Luxury portable restrooms are an excellent way for hosts to reduce indoor traffic and provide the highest standard of sanitation. The Prestige by NuConcepts is a particularly great choice for family-friendly events, with 40% more room than a standard model. Its flushing toilet and easy-to-clean surfaces promise superior sanitation, while beautiful details like an upgraded faucet, acrylic mirror, and flattering lighting continue to give every guest something to be thankful for. 

Thanksgiving Outings

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving gathered around a table; in fact, a growing number of individuals are taking advantage of the work free weekend to visit amusement parks, festivals, campgrounds, or the open road. That means family-friendly venues will be enjoying busier than usual days and may be looking for luxury portables to help. Recommend the NuConcepts Diplomat with the roomiest interior available, upgraded style, and impressive storage and waste tank capacities designed to service large crowds and long days. It’s the perfect sanitary solution for any holiday outing. 

A Season for Safer Shopping

Let’s not forget what else is synonymous with Thanksgiving—Black Friday and holiday shopping! During this time, overcrowded malls and shopping centers will be on the search for solutions to help manage their extra sanitation needs, especially during a time when social distancing and staying germ-free is weighing so heavily on peoples’ minds. When retailers come calling, answer with a luxury portable restroom like the VIP from NuConcepts, complete with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors that can stand up to long lines, winter weather, and weary shoppers. Add a NuConcepts commercial sink to reduce the spread of germs within the crowd even further. Designed with low maintenance, high quality materials with various fresh water and waste tank sizes and cabinet configuration options, these utility sinks help to provide extra peace of mind to holiday shoppers and staff alike. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

The holiday season is overflowing with opportunities for owners of luxury portable restrooms and NuConcepts has designed the perfect model for every occasion. For more information on how you can purchase a model of your own, contact us today!