Portable Restroom Trailers: Ease of Ownership

Portable Restroom Trailers: Ease of Ownership
August 22, 2019 NuConcepts
Person standing outside of a luxury restroom trailer for sale

Investing in the latest top-quality equipment can be daunting for any business. When it comes to shopping for luxury portable restroom trailers, it’s no different. The high-end features and beautiful aesthetics of these portables are instantly appealing to an array of venues and guests, but it’s not uncommon to have questions regarding things like upkeep, servicing, and mobility. Luckily, NuConcepts’ portable bathrooms for sale are easy to use, easy to maintain, and come in a variety of configurations and options that make them even easier to maneuver and incorporate into any space.

Easy to Clean

Saying goodbye to dated porta potties also means saying goodbye to dirty surfaces and less pleasant conditions. Businesses that invest in luxury portables offer their guests the peace of mind that comes with a truly clean restroom, complete with flushing toilets and running water. Hard surfaces from walls and floors to single surface backsplashes and countertops help reduce dirt and bacteria. Additionally, these surfaces are made with sturdy materials that are safe to use with standard household cleaners, ensuring quick, wipeable cleanup. Check out models like the NuConcepts VIP Portable Restroom which offers a storage compartment for easy access to all your cleaning and maintenance supplies and options such as soap and paper towel dispensers so your guests will always leave feeling as clean as they would in their own home.

Easy to Maintain

While cleaning may be straightforward enough, many people new to the world of portable bathrooms for sale often have concerns about what it takes to maintain one. Luckily for these individuals, all NuConcepts models are built to make maintenance and servicing as easy as possible, even for people who have never owned one before. For instance, you can even access the simple, color-coded electronic panels through convenient outer service compartments. The NuConcepts Diplomat model is a great option for easy management boasting storage and a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses. When it does come time to service, the proprietary roto-cast, freshwater tanks are simple to refill with a standard garden hose and can be emptied by a local waste management company. Service has never been so simple!

Easy to Accommodate Anywhere

One of the great things about luxury portable restrooms is that they accommodate so many events and venues. With standalone and multi-unit options available, it’s a breeze to plan for a crowd of any size. If you’re using your portable for a seasonal festival or at more than one location, check out a restroom trailer like the Majestic by NuConcepts, with both a two-unit and four-unit option. When it comes time to transport, make sure the waste tank is pumped and the freshwater tanks are emptied, then simply tow with a standard 2” ball hitch.


As you can see, owning and operating a NuConcepts luxury portable restroom could not be easier. For more information on owning a luxury portable restroom trailer of your own, contact
us today.