Portable Restroom Myths Debunked

Portable Restroom Myths Debunked
June 27, 2019 NuConcepts
Portable Restroom Myths Debunked

When you think of portable restrooms you may have some preconceived notions about what to expect. Common misconceptions or familiarity with dated equipment often leave people without all the facts about the ways in which modern portable restrooms are capable of performing. The luxury portable bathrooms for sale today have revolutionized the industry, making myths out of the old fashioned ideas of the porta-potty. Thanks to new advancements in engineering and design, luxury portable restrooms have become a sanitary, classy way to service the needs of any sized crowd.

Myth #1: Portable Restrooms Aren’t Clean

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of portable bathrooms is that they are not sanitary. While the porta-potties of the past may have been difficult to maintain, luxury portable restrooms have been designed with features such as flushable toilets, hot and cold running water, powered roof vents to control odors, and easy to clean surfaces. Check out the NuConcepts Prestige for available options like upscale countertops and dispensers for everything from soaps to seat covers. With 40% more space than the standard model, and a third storage compartment to hold accessories and cleaning supplies, the Prestige is easy to maintain so your guests always have peace of mind.

Myth #2: Luxury Portables Are Only For Luxury Events

With massive growth in popularity, you’ve likely seen a luxury portable restroom on the event circuit recently. Thanks to the demand from weddings to county fairs, investing in luxury portable restrooms for sale is a great move for any venue. What you may not realize is that luxury porta-potties can be incredibly versatile too. Going beyond upscale events, portable restrooms are also being utilized at charity functions, in outdoor spaces, and even for disaster relief. In fact, the VIP model by NuConcepts is known as “the workhorse of the industry” and is built with features like proprietary aluminum structural elements and weatherproof carpet that stands up to any crowd under any circumstance, proving that a little luxury really can go a long way.

Myth #3: I Know How Many I Need

One common mistake people make when looking into portable restroom trailers for sale is that they assume they already know how many they will need. While units such as the NuConcepts Diplomat are designed with a waste tank that can handle up to 170 flushes before servicing, it is good to take into consideration factors such as how many straight hours your units will be used and what your total guest count will end up being. The type of event will also be a factor – will there be heavy alcohol consumption? You may want to consider providing enough units to avoid long bathroom lines or placing multiple units around larger grounds for easy access and convenience. Look for stand-alone units or trailer mounted options to help customize what works best for your unique needs. Above all else, consult an experienced NuConcepts rep who will be happy to point you in the right direction!


As you can tell, there has never been a better time or better reasons to look for luxury portable restrooms for sale. To speak to a representative for more information contact NuConcepts today!