Luxury Portable Restrooms for Weddings

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Weddings
June 13, 2019 NuConcepts
Luxury Portable Restrooms for Weddings

Competition amongst wedding venues is at its peak. Brides and grooms are looking for Instagram-worthy moments in very nontraditional spaces, so if you want to turn a lukewarm prospect into a serious lead, you’ll need to pull out all the stops – including classy restroom facilities. Nowadays, wedding trends gravitate toward beautiful outdoor venues and large parties. Be sure that you’re prepared with modern, luxury portable restrooms to accommodate clients’ increasing expectations and growing guest lists. Portable bathrooms for sale today are classy additions that can quickly add significant value to your venue.


Landscape for Love

Couples today are opting more often to take their vows in the open air. From breathtaking beaches to offbeat desert landscapes, a wedding with a natural backdrop has never been more en vogue. Unfortunately, most outdoor areas do not come standard with clean, working restrooms. Upgrading your little piece of paradise with a luxury portable restroom like the NuConcepts Prestige is a simple and easy way to increase bookings at your location. Built with serious style and function, the Prestige includes two mirrors, quality materials throughout, and an extra roomy interior that considers parents caring for little guests. It’s the perfect luxury portable to take your venue to the next level.


The More the Merrier

One of the biggest complaints newly engaged couples have is narrowing down their guest list for their wedding ceremony. Not to worry; contemporary restroom trailer manufacturers have designed fabulous solutions to help you accommodate the trend of growing wedding parties. . From wineries to museums, many boutique venues offer large courtyards and gardens but only have small indoor spaces with limited access to restroom facilities. Outsmart your competition and take full advantage of every area of your locale with the roomiest NuConcepts design, the Diplomat. Avoid forcing guests to tread back and forth across the grounds. Instead, place single units in various spots or create a centralized and convenient restroom area with the use of a multiple unit luxury restroom trailer. With a large capacity tank that handles up to 170 flushes, your clients can feel free to send out all of their invites – including those plus ones.


Dress It Up

Even outdoor weddings can be black-tie affairs. If you’re running an upscale event setting, make sure you’re giving your guests the very best. Options like estate venues or historic lawns can be beautiful settings but may not always be restroom accessible. When nothing but the highest in luxury will do, check out the NuConcepts Majestic model restroom trailer. With features such as AC/Heating, detailed curved countertops, recessed LED ceiling lights, a beveled mirror, porcelain flushing toilets and more, the Majestic is the ultimate luxury porta potty to bring beauty to any space.



No matter what type of venue you operate, NuConcepts has the style and configuration for you. If you’re looking for a portable restroom for sale in California or elsewhere, give one of our helpful customer service representatives a call today.