Luxury Portables for Family Friendly Events

Luxury Portables for Family Friendly Events
July 15, 2021 NuConcepts
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Did you know that August is National Family Fun Month? With school out, parents are looking forward to cashing in their PTO for long days outside with the kids, taking full advantage of the warm weather. While every family enjoys their time together differently, the need for quality sanitation is universal. If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a luxury portable restroom—or in the market for a new one—keep in mind that summer fun events like large family gatherings, vacations at the shore and visiting fairs and festivals can be excellent opportunities for your business. 

Family Reunions

What better way to celebrate National Family Fun Month than with a family reunion? Bringing loved ones together again at parks, venues, or even backyards is guaranteed to make any summer special. To ensure the sanitation needs of large gatherings like these are met, recommend a model like the NuConcepts Prestige. Designed with the needs of families in mind, the Prestige offers 40% more interior space than standard options and beautiful upgrades that keep users extra comfortable. Seeking the perfect match for a family looking to reunite in style? The Majestic by NuConcepts is a great way to accessorize even the most upscale gatherings with arched doorways, custom countertops, a beveled glass mirror and plank flooring that are sure to impress any member of the family. 

Getaway to the Shore

Vacations to the shore are a popular choice for families in the summer. Whether at the lake or the sea, luxury portable restrooms offer beach-bound families a sanitary alternative to old fashioned portapotties. Looking for a built tough model that can withstand all that sun, water and sand? The VIP by NuConcepts has everything you need, including proprietary aluminum structural elements, no wood construction, and weatherproof carpet that protect your investment. Contact your city and state government agencies to see how you can get on a preferred vendor list in time for beach season to increase revenue!

State Fairs and Local Festivals

Does anything offer more family fun than a day at the fair? State fairs and festivals never fail to draw out large crowds for days of fun. To take advantage of these lucrative business opportunities, we recommend the Diplomat by NuConcepts. This extra roomy model is a great option for families with children and the increased tank capacity handles up to 170 average uses — making it the logical choice for larger crowds. For additional sanitary options, we advise the placement of NuConcepts “Very Impressive Portable” Sinks around fair food areas to offer additional hygienic provisions. Designed with low-maintenance, high-quality materials and various fresh water/waste tank sizes and cabinet configurations, these luxury portable sinks go a long way to reduce the spread of germs in high-traffic areas. 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Luxury portables bring so much to any family event that it is no wonder they are in such high demand. If you are in the market for a restroom trailer manufacturer contact us today for more information.