Host a Successful Event, No Matter The Weather

Host a Successful Event, No Matter The Weather
January 18, 2019 NuConcepts
restroom trailer in bad weather

Planning an event is stressful enough, not to mention having to worry about circumstances beyond our control – like weather. The best way to outsmart Mother Nature is to plan ahead and cover your bases. Rain, shine, snow or sleet, with a little forethought, your event can still go off without a hitch. An expert party planner’s best-kept secret? Three words: luxury portable restrooms. Here, we’ll tell you why.


Nothing to Sweat

Ever attended an outdoor, summertime wedding in California? If so, you probably remember the blue skies, the palm trees…the heat! It sure does get toasty on the west coast – and equally as overwhelming – humid in the south. Make sure your event is memorable for the right reasons. Be sure to stock up on misters and don’t forget to supply guests with paper fans which can be uniquely customized for your event. Whatever you do, however, do not go without a luxury restroom trailer. These nifty portables are the perfect escape from the elements, giving guests a comfortable space to freshen up when the going gets tough. These restrooms have cool, running water sinks and many luxury restroom trailers in California have optional air conditioning which requires a standard 110V outlet. Often times, AC can be included when ordered or easily installed at a later time. We promise, your guests will thank you when they are sweltering in a 3-piece suit or formal dress!


Fresh For Life

Another predicament that the heat notoriously brings about is the issue of smell. Without getting into the dirty details, luxury restroom trailers are far superior to standard porta potties because they are not “chemical toilets.” Instead, luxury portable restrooms are much like your bathrooms at home with real flushing systems that whisk waste away into an isolated holding tank. This ensures a fresh, sanitary, and pleasant experience every time without any overwhelming odors. In fact, due to their sophisticated design, luxury portables can accommodate nearly twice the amount of traffic as a standard porta potty before needing to be serviced!


It’s Just Rain

Maybe it’s really rain you’re up against! Luckily, photographers will tell you, cloudy days provide the best lighting for pictures. Plus, transparent umbrellas are super trendy at the moment. A well-placed tent or canopy will keep your crowd dry and when they need to use the facilities, a luxury portable restroom trailer won’t disappoint. With spacious layouts, restrooms like NuConcepts’ Prestige provide plenty of room to accommodate umbrellas and guests can hang raingear on the convenient coat hangers that come stock with the unit. Plus, wet feet aren’t a problem for this luxury portable; it comes with weather-proof carpet and a no-wood floor construction that resists mold and mildew of any kind. So feel free to relax and maybe even consider upgrading your unit with heating options if rain or cold weather is going to be a common occurrence.


NuConcepts’ Luxury Accommodations

Bad weather can be a nuisance but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your event! Keep your guests comfortable by setting them up with luxury accommodations. Our expert team can answer any questions you have regarding durability, capacity, cost, maintenance, and transportation of luxury portable restroom trailers. We are dedicated to building the longest-lasting, highest-value portable restrooms for sale in the industry.