Catering To A Crowd: Luxury Portable Restrooms for Any Event

Catering To A Crowd: Luxury Portable Restrooms for Any Event
January 29, 2019 NuConcepts
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The food, the music, the decor…a successful event all comes down to the details. Understanding the preferences and requirements of your crowd can be the difference between an average and spectacular event. Whether you are planning an upscale affair or a casual, outdoor festival, taking the time to choose the right luxury portable restroom can make a world of difference. Consider the factors below to ensure that your event is seamless and unforgettable.


The Elite Experience

Are you hosting a black tie wedding or maybe an annual gala? For some occasions, nothing but the very best will do. To woo your most discerning guests, consider the NuConcepts Majestic 2-restroom trailer. Offering upscale details such as beautifully curved counter tops, flushing porcelain toilets, arched doorways, and beveled glass mirrors, there is no doubt that these spacious units will be favored among the most sophisticated company. NuConcepts also offers the spacious Prestige portable restroom, still stylish and roomy enough to accommodate women with small children and dresses. Its single or multi-unit options can host any number on your guest list and reduce long waits in line. Both the Majestic and the Prestige allow your most important people to enjoy more of the important moments.


Family Fun

From community carnivals to family reunions, sometimes one of the most important details is making sure you provide a kid-friendly atmosphere. Traditional porta potties are not only often unsanitary for little ones but can also be cramped and uncomfortable for parents attempting to escort their young children. The solution? Luxury portable restrooms today offer a much roomier option for families of all sizes. Plus, with flushing toilets, upgraded countertops, and high-quality interior materials, cleaning is easier than ever so that germy surfaces are a thing of the past. Consider the NuConcepts Diplomat trailer for your next family affair. As the roomiest model, it provides extra comfort, greater customization capabilities, and a larger holding tank for heavier usage.


Working For You

As much as we wish every day was a celebration, sometimes we just need to get the job done. Perhaps you need to take care of the demands of a large construction site or a temporary shelter for disaster relief. Providing a luxury portable restroom gives a hard-working crew or a family in need, the care and dignity they deserve. With recent upgrades like new interior lighting and a power roof vent, NuConcepts has created the perfect blend of luxury and function in its VIP portable restroom. Known as the workhorse of the industry, the VIP is available in up to 6 unit configurations making it a no-brainer for any sized crowd.



No matter what the occasion, NuConcepts offers a luxury portable restroom capable of caring for everyone’s needs. Reach out to one of our team members today to get more information on how you can be sure that your next event is a complete success!