Answering Your Questions About Luxury Portable Restrooms

Answering Your Questions About Luxury Portable Restrooms
December 14, 2021 NuConcepts
answering your questions

As the popularity of luxury portables continues to rise, investors are taking notice. But choosing to make a new business investment can feel daunting. How can you be sure your investment will pay off? Which product is right for your business venture? If you have been checking out luxury portable restrooms for sale, you may also have questions regarding sanitation, upkeep, and durability. Here we shed some light on how easy it really is to own a luxury portable restroom trailer and why this investment is one you can count on. 

All About Sanitation 

One of the biggest qualities that sets luxury portable restrooms apart from dated porta potties is the unparalleled level of sanitation they provide. When you invest in a luxury portable, you know you can offer users the peace of mind that comes with a hygienic bathroom experience. From principal components like flushing toilets and running water to sanitary features like easy-to-clean walls and single-surface backsplashes and countertops that help reduce dirt and bacteria. NuConcepts models use the highest quality materials so it’s always safe to use standard household cleaners for a deep sterilization or quick tidy up. Check out models like the NuConcepts VIP Portable Restroom with standard storage compartment to hold all your go-to cleaning and maintenance supplies. Try out one of NuConcepts’ Very Impressive Portable sinks, made from the same durable materials, for areas where extra handwashing is a priority. 

Easy Upkeep

If you’re new to the world of sanitation, you may be wondering what it takes to maintain a luxury portable. If so, we have great news. All NuConcepts models are designed to make servicing as easy as 1-2-3. Take the NuConcepts Diplomat model for example, with a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses. And when you’re ready to service, the proprietary roto-cast, freshwater tanks can be emptied by a local waste management company and refilled with a standard garden hose. Plus, you’ll find quick access to the color-coded electronic panels through convenient outer service compartments, making for no-fuss maintenance that even a beginner can master. 

A Long Term Investment Worth Making

From weddings and parties to concerts and sporting events, opportunities to utilize your luxury portable are abundant and make turning a profit a breeze. What’s more is, luxury portables by NuConcepts are made to last and feature attractive designs that are sure to put your restroom trailer in high demand for years to come. Check out the Majestic by NuConcepts; a gorgeous model that uses high-grade CNC cut fiberglass panels and wood-free floor construction for ease of maintenance and extended durability. Its artfully arched doorways, curved counter tops and beveled glass mirror add a ‘wow’ factor you won’t find with just any portable restroom. 


If you’re ready to make that investment and start enjoying the rewards, contact NuConcepts for more information. We’ll be happy to show you why NuConcepts Portables are such a wise, worthwhile investment.