Why Are Luxury Portable Restrooms In Such Hot Demand?

Why Are Luxury Portable Restrooms In Such Hot Demand?
August 25, 2022 NuConcepts
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If you’ve been in a crowd lately, chances are you’ve seen a luxury portable restroom. In recent decades, these beauties have been popping up more and more at weddings, carnivals, community events and outdoor recreation sites. Maybe you’ve noticed your local mall using a luxury portable restroom trailer for additional sanitation during busy shopping seasons or you’ve used one at the last outdoor concert or festival you attended. Thanks to state-of-the-art sanitation, an assortment of amenities and aesthetically pleasing designs, it’s no wonder these luxury portable bathrooms are in such high demand.

Unsurpassed Sanitation

Arguably, the number one reason for the rise in popularity of the luxury portable restroom is the peace of mind they bring when it comes to sanitation. As opposed to old fashioned porta-potties, modern luxury portables come complete with flushing toilets, running water and easy-to-clean surfaces that provide users with a superior hygienic experience. Look to models like the NuConcepts VIP Portable Restroom, featuring a power roof vent and a built-tough exterior with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements and lightweight polyethylene walls. For extra sanitation, add a NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable sink. This commercial sink is made from the same durable materials as the VIP and is great for high traffic areas or anywhere that could use just “a little more clean.” 

Amenities Abound

One of the great things about luxury portable restrooms is that they offer users so many of the comforts of home. Beyond the flushable toilets and running water sinks, many models come standard with features such as a powered roof vent, flattering lighting, and a mirror for any necessary touch-ups. Optional amenities also include climate controlled interiors and soap and paper towel dispensers. Get all of this and more with the NuConcepts Prestige which also offers a 40% roomier interior that helps parents with young kids really feel at home. For larger events, try the Diplomat by NuConcepts, offering upgraded style, flexible toilet placement and increased storage and waste tank capacity that averages up to 170 uses before servicing!

Aesthetically Appealing

You probably never thought you’d enjoy a portable restroom experience, but luxury portable restrooms have changed the sanitation game. In fact, NuConcepts designs luxury portables that are so beautiful that they are oftentimes more lovely than the indoor facilities. For top-of-the-line facilities like these, check out the NuConcepts Majestic Restroom Trailer. This high-quality portable restroom trailer is always the star of the show, thanks to features such as arched doorways, beautifully curved countertops, a beveled glass mirror, and plank flooring. Available in both a two– and four-unit trailer configurations, the Majestic truly exemplifies that attention to detail and design that keeps luxury portable restrooms in skyrocketing demand. 

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