What to Ask When Purchasing A Luxury Portable Restroom

What to Ask When Purchasing A Luxury Portable Restroom
July 7, 2022 NuConcepts

If you’ve been to any event in the last decade, chances are you’ve used a luxury portable restroom. Thanks to their sleek designs and impressive amenities, luxury portables are more popular than ever. Especially with the growing call for higher sanitation standards, demand is at an all time high. In response to this heightened need, smart investors are taking notice. If you’re looking for a luxury portable restroom for sale and want to know more about what ownership entails, we’re here to shed light on what a luxury portable restroom can do for you. 

Why Choose Luxury Portables?

Remember old fashioned porta-potties? We’d like to forget too. While portable restrooms of the past came in handy in a pinch, they certainly left something to be desired. Enter the modern luxury portable and a whole new level of sanitation. These beautiful, portable bathrooms come complete with flushing toilets, running water and easy-to-clean surfaces that promise event-goers peace of mind in sanitation. If that’s not enough, luxury portables come in a variety of designs sure to impress any crowd. Check out models like the NuConcepts VIP Portable Restroom, featuring a power roof vent and a built-tough exterior with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements and lightweight polyethylene walls. For extra sanitation, pair this model with a NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable sink. This customizable unit is made from the same durable materials as the VIP and is great for high traffic or eating areas where sanitation is a priority. 

What Business Opportunities Will I Have?

When it comes to opportunities to see a return on your investment, the possibilities are endless. From private parties to public events, day-long celebrations and weekend festivals, there are countless reasons to use a luxury portable restroom. Owners can advertise their services to all sorts of private parties and look to become a preferred vendor for wedding venues and city planners. Making these contacts will keep any fleet of luxury portables busy all year round. Bring along the roomy Diplomat by NuConcepts for family-friendly events. Then, for grander occasions, come prepared with the Majestic by NuConcepts, showcasing artfully arched doorways, curved countertops and a beveled glass mirror.

But What About Maintenance? 

Worried about what it takes to maintain this type of portable bathroom? You’ll be delighted to know that luxury portables are designed to make servicing a snap, thanks to features like easy-to-access, color-coded electronic panels and proprietary roto-cast freshwater tanks. Even better: these tanks can be emptied by your local waste management company and filled with a simple garden hose. Solar power also enables these models more range of placement without having to worry about running power. Pro Tip: Take advantage of extra easy maintenance with the NuConcepts Diplomat model, featuring a waste tank capacity that allows up to 170 average uses between services! 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

If you’re ready to get onboard by investing in a Luxury Portable Restroom of your own, don’t wait! Contact us today to get the ball rolling. NuConcepts has been making quality luxury portables for over 25 years. Whether you’re looking for your first portable restroom or want to add to your fleet, we’re here to help.