Summer Ready Luxury Portables

Summer Ready Luxury Portables
May 31, 2022 NuConcepts
Summer Ready

Summer-Ready Luxury Portables

As the heat of summer rolls in, crowds are gearing up to enjoy all the fun this season has to offer. From local beaches, to state parks, to community fairs and festivals, warm, summer weather always guarantees a good time for the masses. For owners of luxury portable restrooms, the warm weather season is also a great time for business. In fact, luxury portables come equipped with high-end features that make these models particularly advantageous during the summer months. From energy-efficient details that save you money, to sun-strong materials that protect your investment—it’s easy to see why investing in a luxury portable restroom is such a bright idea.

Recharge in the Sun

What’s better than a sunny day? How about harnessing that solar energy to save you money!? One of the great characteristics of luxury portable restrooms like those from NuConcepts, is its solar powered capabilities. A standard feature in models like the Prestige by NuConcepts, solar power helps keep energy costs low, even when the service numbers are high. For even larger crowds or longer events, the NuConcepts Diplomat model is equipped with increased storage and waste tank capacity, great for up to 170 average uses. As an added bonus, solar panels eliminate the need to be tethered to a power source—making the placement of your portable restroom or restroom trailer easier than ever! 

Summer Strong

One of the most important things to consider when contemplating any investment is the quality of the product and how well it stands up to the elements. This is especially the case with an outdoor, heavily-trafficked product like a luxury portable restroom trailer, and it’s why NuConcepts’ luxury portables are built with high-quality materials manufactured to stand up to any weather and in any season. Check out the VIP by NuConcepts, nicknamed “the workhorse of the industry.” The VIP is a thoroughly modern, flushable, self-contained portable bathroom that’s several steps above the competition. The proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun-strong fiberglass doors promise you peace of mind against rough crowds at any summer sporting event or music festival. Weatherproof carpet and a no-wood construction make this a great match for busy beaches and parks full of wet or muddy shoes. Keep crowds even cleaner with NuConcepts’ “Very Impressive Portable” Sinks. These portable self-contained cabinet sinks are made with the same high quality materials and durability as any NuConcept restroom or restroom trailer. 

Sanitation in Style

Of course, summer isn’t always about roughing it. The warm months are a popular time for upscale events like weddings, galas, grand openings and fundraisers. When catering to a classier crowd in the heat, luxury portables live up to their name with standard features like power roof vents that work to reduce odors and optional A/C to make sure every guest stays cool. To make a lasting impression, showcase the Majestic by NuConcepts with top of the line luxury features like plank flooring, beveled glass mirror, and artfully arched doorways. Seriously—summer sanitation never looked so good! 

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

No matter the season, luxury portables boast features that put them in constant demand. If you have been considering a luxury portable restroom trailer for sale, contact a NuConcepts staff member today to get on the list for a luxury portable investment for sale!