More Than Just a Pretty Porta Potty

More Than Just a Pretty Porta Potty
October 22, 2019 NuConcepts
Countertop inside a luxury portable restroom trailer

Today, luxury portable restrooms can be found just about anywhere and anyone who has experienced one understands why! Revolutionizing the porta potty industry with flushing toilets and high-end upgrades, luxury portables provide an entirely new kind of experience. While the aesthetics of luxury restrooms are easy to appreciate, these portable bathrooms have extensive practical benefits as well. Luxury portables provide a new level of sanitation for user peace of mind and bring quality and function that can always be counted on. This makes purchasing a luxury NuConcepts design a great investment for years to come.

Sanitation You Can Count On

One of the greatest benefits of a NuConcepts luxury portable is the level of cleanliness it brings and the peace of mind that comes with it. Traditional porta-potties use chemical solutions to break down and store waste, leaving users with an often less-than-pleasant restroom experience. Luxury portable restrooms, however, change the portable bathroom game by providing toilets with running water that whisks away waste, guaranteeing users the cleanest and most enjoyable experience possible. Sinks with upgraded, running water faucets like the one in the NuConcepts Prestige, allow guests to feel cleaner leaving than before they arrived. Power roof vents and easy to clean, hard surface materials guarantee easy upkeep for a fresh experience every time.

Built to Last

Continuing to go beyond beauty, NuConcepts portables are designed to outperform the competition. Built with high-quality materials that are meant to last, each NuConcept model provides unparalleled reliability and function. Designs like the Majestic by NuConcepts deliver high-end interior construction with fiberglass walls, single cast countertops, brushed aluminum ceilings, and wood-free floor construction – unlike other manufacturers that use wood construction. Design exteriors feature proprietary aluminum structural elements, strong fiberglass doors and “lifetime” roof that promise to protect your investment from both weather and crowds, all while remaining as beautiful as ever.

An Investment Worth Making

In today’s growing market, companies can expect a profitable return on their luxury portable investment. From weddings and private events to community festivals and state fairs, there is an ever-increasing number of opportunities for luxury portables to be used. Value Market Research reports that there has been a boost in the interest and use of luxury portables due to growth in industries like tourism as well as the popular initiatives being taken to improve sanitation and hygiene. The report also predicts that “increasing awareness towards a healthier way of life is further expected to boost the market demand.  NuConcepts luxury portables bring both quality materials and technologically advanced designs to their products so that businesses seeking luxury bathrooms for sale can count on getting the most out of their investment year after year.


With all that NuConcepts luxury portable restrooms have to offer, they are a clear choice if you are in the market for a portable restroom for sale. Contact us today for more information today!