How to Eliminate Lines at Your Next Event

How to Eliminate Lines at Your Next Event
December 26, 2019 NuConcepts
Interior countertop of a luxury portable restroom

One of the biggest faux pas in event planning is not accounting for your full number of guests when considering your restroom needs. Whether the event is an upscale wedding or a local festival, too few restrooms can lead to long lines that distract from entertainment and frustrate families and guests. Luckily, this is an easily remedied problem with luxury portable restrooms. Making sure that each event has planned ahead for the needs of their guests can go a long way toward making every occasion perfect.

Luxury for a Crowd

When shopping for luxury portable restroom trailers for sale, you will notice the convenient configurations available – all beautifully designed to fit any size crowd. Available in stand-alone, two, and four-unit models, no gathering is too big or too small to benefit from the luxury and class that these portables provide. Because no guest enjoys spending their time waiting in line, party organizers should consider headcount when deciding how many luxury portables their event needs. Restroom trailers for sale such as NuConcept’s Majestic Restroom Trailer come in both two-unit and four-unit models and come equipped with the highest standards of luxury, making it a great option for your must-impress guests of any number. Check out features such as arched doorways, beautifully curved countertops, a flushing porcelain toilet, and plank flooring when planning for any upscale event.

High Capacity Tanks for High Turnout Events

One of the great benefits of a NuConept’s luxury portable restroom is how easy they are to maintain. Built with easy to clean materials and complete with easy to access panels, NuConcepts goes above and beyond to provide ease of ownership. High capacity waste tanks ensure that large parties or all-day events always run smoothly. Try out The Diplomat by NuConcepts which comes standard with an increased waste tank that averages 170 flushes. This roomy and elegant model works longer and harder to accommodate partygoers without the need to stop for maintenance. Try trailer-mounted facilities available in one, two, and three-unit options for added convenience and crowd control.

Conveniently Located

An excellent tip when shopping for luxury portable restroom trailers for sale is to remember that the size of an event can vary, not just by number, but by space. For festivals, fairs, and other large scale events, luxury portables are a great way to make sure that a clean, hygienic restroom is never too far away. Crowd pleasers like the NuConcepts VIP Restroom Trailer are built with quality materials like proprietary aluminum structural exterior walls and weather-proof carpeting to protect your investment against any size crowd. Set these models up in one, two, three, four or six-unit configurations to create easy restroom stations throughout any large venue.


Whatever size crowd you’re looking to cater to, NuConcepts has the very impressive portable that’s right for you. Contact us today for more information.