Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Your Luxury Portable Restroom

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Your Luxury Portable Restroom
February 11, 2021 NuConcepts
St Patricks day celebrations

The St. Patrick’s holiday is synonymous with celebration…and those celebrations bring business opportunities. Across the country, party-goers mark the occasion by attending parades, purchasing tickets to festivals, or by visiting local restaurants. If you are the owner of a luxury portable restroom or if you are considering a luxury portable for sale, St. Patrick’s Day is also a great time for your business, presenting many opportunities to provide sanitation services for festive crowds.

Community Festivals

Festivals and parades provide tons of fun for St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts. While celebrations overflow onto the streets and into public parks and spaces, city planners look to portable restroom trailers to care for their sanitation needs. The NuConcepts Diplomat is the perfect option for longer days and bigger crowds, with upgraded water and waste tank capacity that averages 170 uses. Its roomy interior makes the Diplomat a perfect fit for community affairs. To ensure the safest return to normal this year, recommend adding NuConcepts Very Impressive Portable sinks throughout the event. These commercial-grade hand washing stations are built-to-last and customizable with various tank sizes and cabinet options that make them an easy way to reduce the spread of germs.

The Pub Party

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular time for restaurants and pubs who often open up additional outdoor spaces for live music, dancing, and food and drink specials. Limited indoor restrooms make these events a perfect place for the luxury portable bathroom. If you are looking for an option built to stand up to large gatherings like these, try a thoroughly modern flushing portable like the VIP by NuConcepts. Built in the U.S.A. with proprietary extruded aluminum structural elements, lightweight polyethylene walls, and sun strong fiberglass doors, the VIP has what it takes to perform in any environment. For more family-friendly festivities, consider the Prestige by NuConcepts with 40% more interior space that’s perfect for parents with young children.

Make it Green! 

No matter what event you find yourself servicing this St. Patrick’s Day, attendees will be decked out in their finest green attire. Make a real impression by incorporating the St. Patrick’s theme into your portable’s presentation as well. Green accessories or a basket of clover can be just the details you need to stand out from the competition. And for the record, with arched doorways, curved countertops, and a beveled glass mirror, a luxury portable restroom like the Majestic by NuConcepts will look great in any color!

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

NuConcepts designs and manufactures state-of-the-art luxury portables perfect for every celebration. If you’re ready to make the most of a luxury portable of your own this year, contact a NuConcepts representative today.