A Very Grand Re-Opening with Luxury Portables

A Very Grand Re-Opening with Luxury Portables
April 8, 2021 NuConcepts
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It’s no secret that the last year has been hard on many major industries. From the restaurant business to the entertainment industry to neighborhood shops and services, recent uncertainty has affected almost every corner of the economy. As businesses are able to open up again, we can look forward to many kick-off events to jumpstart capitalism. For owners of luxury portable restrooms or those looking for luxury portables for sale, now is a great time to look for opportunities to provide services to the crowds coming back to your area. 

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! 

Restaurants and bars took a particularly big hit last year due to months of temporary closures and limited indoor seating. To regain these losses, eating establishments will be hosting special event nights and opening up additional outdoor spaces to take in overflow. To fill the additional sanitation needs these events require, recommend a few luxury portables like the VIP by NuConcepts or even a multi-unit VIP restroom trailer. These built-tough models will last against any type of crowd and the easy-to-clean surfaces and flushing toilet offer the sanitation that restaurant owners and patrons alike are after. 

Putting on a Show 

Concerts, plays, and other live entertainment will also be clamouring to recover from a year of being on hold. Due to the large crowds these events attract, many shows will now be seeking outdoor venues as a way to create a slow path toward a full reopening. This is a great opportunity for owners of luxury portables to have their moment in the spotlight. Steal the show by recommending a stylish and spacious Diplomat by NuConcepts. Fully equipped with upgraded style and increased storage and waste tank capacity (up to 170 average uses), this model is a great option for large crowds. Looking to impress the audience with even more flair? Try the Majestic restroom trailer with a design that includes beautifully arched doorways, curved counter tops, a flushing porcelain toilet, a beveled glass mirror and plank flooring all deserving of a standing ovation. 

Support Your Local Business

Grand re-openings are not just for big business. Small companies like locally owned gyms, arcades and family fun centers are happy to get back to work and will be celebrating with parking lot parties and customer appreciation barbecues. Help their customers feel welcome with a NuConcepts model like the Prestige. Offering 40% additional interior space and easy to sanitize surfaces, the Prestige is a great option for family friendly events. To provide even more sanitation, be sure to include NuConcepts’ “Very Impressive Portable Sinks” in your planning. Made from the heavy-duty, state of the art materials, these customizable, commercial sinks are the perfect hand-washing stations to stay germ-free and ensure we can continue to reopen.

NuConcepts Luxury Portables

Eager to get back to business? A NuConcepts luxury portable will provide plenty of opportunities to do just that. For more information, contact us today!