5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury Portable Restroom

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury Portable Restroom
June 26, 2018 SDC Development 2
5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury Portable Restroom

Luxury portable restrooms and restroom trailers are the next step in the evolution of portable restrooms, as they really are lavish restrooms on wheels. Their increase in demand is not surprising; with porcelain flush toilets, running-water sinks, and quality countertops customers no longer accept the old porta-potty for any important event. However, not all luxury portable restroom trailers are made equally. Should you decide to purchase luxury portable restroom trailers for your business, here are five things you should look for.


Get the Right Size

When investing in a portable luxury restroom trailer or single unit luxury portable restroom, you want to accommodate as many events as possible. Your business may start with one trailer, but before long you will need a diverse fleet to service the range of events and customers you have. No one likes turning down business because they didn’t buy the right equipment. While it is nice to roll a six-unit trailer in and park it proudly, sometimes a few single units on skids, or a smaller trailer can be placed closer to where it will be needed. A good example is a concert event where the patrons need the large trailers but there isn’t room for more than a two-unit trailer behind stage for the performers. Plan your fleet for the variety of events you will service.


Get Self-Contained

Many luxury portable restrooms and trailers require electrical power and external water supply. These units won’t accommodate events that do not have easy water and power access. Self-contained restrooms come with solar-panels and have high capacity freshwater tanks on board, allowing them to operate without external hookups. While solar units may not power air conditioning and heating, they will power lights and pumps to keep your units functioning properly. Buying self-contained units will ensure that no matter where your customers choose to have their events, you will be able to accommodate them.


Get High-End Features

When your customer shuts the door into the privacy of your portable luxury restroom you want them to smile. Their smile is the result of them knowing they made the right decision to rent from your company. Their smile is them appreciating the spacious restroom, the quality materials, the climate- controlled environment and pleasingly colorful décor that your have provided them. When your luxury portable restroom offers recessed lighting, beveled mirrors, faux wood plank flooring, amazingly nice countertops and well designed accessories, your customer will smile that smile. If you have or want high-end clients, get high-end equipment.


Durability and Maintenance

High-end equipment does not need to mean high maintenance. Buying quality often means greater durability, but beware of materials that will show wear quickly. When purchasing a luxury portable restroom or trailer, take a close look at the materials and fittings the unit is constructed with. Look for a minimum of wood in the construction, with none below floor level. Wood and water do not last long together. Look for large quality hinges with more screws to the panel or door. Find faucets with commercial grade valves and plating, and well designed electronic panels. These all add to the longevity of your portable restroom.

Just as important as durability is finding a unit that will be easy to care for and maintain. Vinyl floors, fiberglass walls, and brushed aluminum ceilings not only look great, but these surfaces are extremely easy to keep clean. Single surface cast countertops and backsplashes are also the easiest to maintain as these surfaces can easily be wiped clean without much hassle. Avoid nooks and crannies that trap dirt. Look for smoothly filled corners where walls meet counters and floors. Units with a single shared tank are also going to be much easier to service than those where each restroom has an individual tank. Look at the size of the service access doors and the placement of service ports, pumps and electrical panels. All items should be logically placed with plenty of room to service them as needed. When maintenance is easy, it gets done properly more often.


Location and Reputation

When choosing a luxury portable restroom trailer manufacturer to work with, consider the company’s reliability and location. Location can be vital as you do not want to have to spend an exorbitant amount of money shipping these units to your company’s location. Keeping things as close to your home base as possible is your most affordable option. However, you also want to make sure that you choose a manufacturer that is reliable and has a proven history of providing high-quality, durable products and has a reputation for quality service after the sale. This will ensure that your transaction, and any future dealings you have with them, go smoothly. When choosing luxury portable restrooms for your rental company, take the time to find a restroom with the right features that is manufactured by a reliable company.


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